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Will Crypto Recover? Fantom (FTM), Polkadot (DOT), and Big Eyes (BIG) Are Proof That It Will



The crypto market is a volatile one, with the value of tokens fluctuating every single day.

Following the Terra (LUNA) crash, however, the market has been in decline, with many describing the current market environment as bearish, with spikes of interest following a trajectory of general decline.

The bear market, it must be stated, is not set to last, with the opportunities being provided by many tokens suggesting that the market is set to steer itself back on course very soon.

Three tokens to look out for as the market begins to shift are Polkadot (DOT), Fantom (FTM), and Big Eyes (BIG), with an early investment likely to yield fantastic returns in the future.

Polkadot (DOT) Unites The Crypto Landscape

Interoperability is one of the most crucial features in crypto and is a feature that is continuously being developed and integrated into new projects.

One token at the forefront of interoperability innovation is Polkadot (DOT), with its unique open-source layer-0 metaprotocol that can be integrated into projects wishing to participate in the network.

Polkadot (DOT) has been designed to allow parachains to be built on top of the existing code, creating a web of connected chains. On this decentralised web, crypto-assets can be transferred seamlessly between chains and users, with these assets including tokens, NFTs, and more.

This interconnected web of parachains also makes the Polkadot (DOT) network extremely secure and surprisingly quick, as aspects of the web can work simultaneously to spread the workload of user traffic. With just how easy it is to set up a parachain on Polkadot (DOT), this security and speed are only set to continue developing.

With more and more platforms entering the crypto market, it is likely that the Polkadot (DOT) network will only continue evolving, due to the possibilities for success that being part of an interconnected network provides.

Therefore, even in a bear market, Polkadot (DOT) is likely to continue growing, making it a fantastic option for those crypto enthusiasts looking for the next hot property to consider.

Fantom (FTM) Makes Smart Contracts Smarter

Fantom (FTM) is a smart contract platform providing DeFi solutions for new and upcoming programs, doing so through its cutting-edge consensus algorithm.

Smart contracts are protocols built into blockchains with specific commands attached to them, with these contracts being fulfilled after the requirements of the commands are met. This means they are automatic, and cannot be tampered with due to blockchain permanence, making them a key aspect of the decentralised crypto economy.

Smart contracts, contrarily, are not always perfect. It is often reported by dApp developers and digital asset traders that the execution of these contracts can be slow, especially on busy networks like Ethereum (ETH).

This is not the case with Fantom (FTM), which has been designed as a direct opposition to Ethereum (ETH). Through their cutting-edge technology and dedicated research, Fantom (FTM) has reportedly been able to get their smart contract execution times down to just two seconds, making it a particularly appealing technology for new players entering the market to integrate.

By being open-source, Fantoms (FTM) consensus algorithm can be easily integrated into almost any project. This has allowed the platform and its native token to become incredibly valuable, due to just how easily the project can be scaled.

In tandem with Polkadot (DOT), the crypto market is down, and the industry will continue to grow, with new users and projects entering the ecosystem daily. This is why, for investors, Fantom (FTM) is worthy of further research.

Big Eyes (BIG) Big Launch Plans

As a token yet to be launched to the public, Big Eyes (BIG) has had the great fortune of avoiding the current bear market, instead waiting patiently for the perfect time to launch generating the most profit from the market.

Big Eyes (BIG) is a meme token taking a different approach to the sector, with a cat character mascot who, according to the company, was the founder and designer of the platform itself. The token is not merely setting itself apart from other meme tokens in its design.

One of the most anticipated aspects of Big Eyes (BIG) is that the token will not be hosting a presale stage, and instead plans to release all publicly available tokens at the same time. This means that the token will not be able to play favourites with certain investors or associates of the team, making for an even democratic playing field for all. Those that want to purchase, are welcome to.

The private token pool, which consists of 10% of all available tokens, has been divided equally between a wallet for the team and a wallet for charity donation, with 5% of tokens designated for causes towards ocean and sea life conservation.

All of these factors combine to make Big Eyes (BIG) an extremely promising project, whose launch is set to explode due to all the tokens soon to be available.

It is a launch to watch out for, and a token not to miss!

Website: https://bigeyes.space/

Telegram: https://t.me/BIGEYESOFFICIAL

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BigEyesCoin

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/BigEyesCoin/

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