Which Technology has the Potential to be the Best in Ten Years?


Artificial Intelligence

The best technology of the coming next ten years

Experts claim that some technologies are here to rather thrive in the next coming ten years. Let’s see which of these technologies out of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Edge Computing, Computer Vision, Quantum Computing, or something bigger.

Computer Vision and Facial Recognition

Why shouldn’t machines be able to “see” as well if they can talk? With the aid of this technology, machines are now able to visually comprehend their surroundings; facial recognition is one such example. Although there will undoubtedly be more regulatory oversight of facial recognition applications, this technology is here to stay.


Faster, wiser, and more reliable wireless networking will be possible thanks to the fifth generation of cellular network technology, which will also progress a number of other trends (e.g., more connected devices and richer streams of data).

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

Our world will undoubtedly change as machines get more intelligence and the capacity to learn. Many of the other trends on this list are also driven by it.

Cloud Computing and Edge Computing

Data and analytics are becoming more accessible to the general public thanks to cloud computing, which stores data on other computers and allows for internet access. This will advance with edge computing, where data is processed on smart devices (like phones).

Quantum Computing

Quantum computers, which are incredibly fast computers that can solve issues that seem insurmountable, will make our current cutting-edge technology appear antiquated. Although most of the work in quantum computing is still done in laboratories, this decade may see the release of the first commercial quantum computer.

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