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What Is The Ethereum (ETH) Update? And How Is It Drawing In New Projects Like Big Eyes (BIG)?



As one of the biggest and most significant blockchains in today’s crypto market, any news regarding Ethereum (ETH) is bound to make headline news, due to the drastic impact that changes to the blockchain could have on the wider crypto landscape.

This is why the upcoming Ethereum 2.0 update, now formally being labelled The Merge, has come to be such a monumental topic of conversation, due to the many possibilities the update presents.

But just what is The Merge? And what about it is drawing new projects to it like Big Eyes (BIG)?

The Merge, Explained

One of the biggest criticisms levelled against Ethereum (ETH) is that, due to its success resulting in a massive userbase, it has become unbearably slow, as well as expensive to use due to exorbitant gas fees.

Furthermore, as a blockchain using the proof-of-work validation system, Ethereum (ETH) is also very energy consumptive, using hundreds of millions of joules of energy per transaction with this system. All this has combined to make Ethereum (ETH) a challenging blockchain to use, in both a practical and ethical sense.

This is what The Merge aims to resolve.

The Merge plans to bring Ethereum (ETH) into a proof-of-stake validation system, a system that is both significantly more energy-efficient and far faster than most proof-of-work systems. This is due to the proof-of-stake system only using machines of stakeholders when running blockchain validations, whereas the proof-of-work system allows any number of machines to participate.

This will be done by merging the Beacon Chain with mainnet Ethereum (ETH), with this technological combination allowing for proof-of-stake validation to take place. This will not change the day-to-day functionality of Ethereum (ETH) but will add a consensus layer to the system, that will allow this validation system change to work.

While The Merge is set to do great things for the longevity and many Ethereum (ETH) users, another positive of this event is the incentives it draws for new crypto projects looking for the blockchain to build their platform.

One example of this can be seen with the upcoming meme token Big Eyes (BIG).

Why Choose Ethereum (ETH)? And a look at Big Eyes (BIG)

For Big Eyes (BIG), the choice to build their platform on Ethereum (ETH) due to The Merge was an obvious one.

For context, Big Eyes (BIG) is a meme token focused around the tokens mascot, an anime-style cartoon cat called Big Eyes. The token, according to the company, was designed and coded by Big Eyes the cat himself, utilising his cute appearance and business smarts to make a token that combines the fun and community of meme coins with an exciting and innovative ecosystem.

However, due to being designed by a cat, Big Eyes (BIG) also has a lot of aspects to it that only a cat could think of. This includes many mentions of fish and sushi, due to this being one of a cat’s favourite foods. For Big Eyes (BIG), this translates to a charity incentive towards ocean conservation, with 5% of all BIG tokens stored in a wallet for charitable purposes.

By building on the new, more environmentally friendly Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, Big Eyes (BIG) can work towards its objective more efficiently.

Not only does the new Ethereum (ETH) pose a far smaller risk to the world’s oceans thanks to its low energy output, but due to the immense infrastructure of the network, Big Eyes (BIG) has great expansion opportunities. This infrastructure means the token can be easily linked and advertised to others and allows its message of ocean conservation to be heard loud and clear.

The new Ethereum (ETH) is giving projects like Big Eyes (BIG) the chance to shine and make big impacts not only on the crypto community but the world as a whole. As such, it is worth keeping your eyes on.

You do not want to overlook Big Eyes (BIG)!

Find out more about Big Eyes (BIG) at:

Website: https://bigeyes.space/

Telegram: https://t.me/BIGEYESOFFICIAL

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BigEyesCoin

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/BigEyesCoin/

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