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Watch A Fearless Dog Defend His Family’s Home From a Stray Bear

Most pet dogs would alert their owners if they spotted something unfamiliar in the garden. But what would your dog do if they spotted a bear? Would they bravely defend their home and family or decide that this was way beyond their paygrade and race to safety? We’ve found this fabulous footage of a plucky pet dog who decided he was going to take on a black bear and the outcome is surprising!

A Bear Loose in the Neighborhood

The first part of this video follows the bear strolling nonchalantly around the neighborhood of Gardi Steet in Bradbury, California. The black bear seems very relaxed, even though there is a large contingency from the Sheriff’s Department at the scene and some of them are armed. The bear even took a quick dip in someone’s swimming pool! Everyone keeps their distance and lets the bear go where they please. But it is at the home of a plucky pooch that he meets some hostility. At first we see the dog walking away from the bear but suddenly he seems to decide that he is going to face this situation head-on!

There is a short stand-off as both animals pretend to be looking in the other direction even though they are acutely aware of each other. Then, the bear makes a slight move towards the dog who responds immediately by leaping forwards but quickly decides that a retreat to the balcony is the better plan. Laid-back bear slowly follows and confronts the dog who is feeling a little braver now that there are some railings between him and the big intruder. This may explain why he decides to leave his safe place and pursue the bear when it runs away! There is another stand-off at the edge of the garden and then we see the bear strolling away. Although, we cannot really be sure exactly who won this encounter!

Are Black Bears Dangerous?

Black bears are a medium-sized bear that are found in many areas of North America. They spend most of their time looking for food which is probably what the bear in this vid was doing. In general, these bears do not go looking for trouble but they will attack if they feel threatened. There is usually around one fatal attack each year but these are mainly in rural areas where humans have strayed into a bear’s territory.

Bears are powerful creatures – they are fast with sharp teeth and claws. If they had wanted to, this bear could have caused some nasty injuries on this pet dog. Luckily for the dog, they were obviously not in the mood!

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