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Watch A Blackbear Climb In A Pickup Truck, And Promptly Lock Themselves Inside.

Out of all the ways a vehicle could be stolen, you likely wouldn’t expect to see a wild animal behind the wheel. While it sounds like a silly scene out of a comedy movie, one black bear attempted grand theft auto and we’re grateful it was captured on film.

During a casual afternoon drive, a father and his daughter witnessed a giant black bear get into a parked truck. Standing on its two hind legs, the bear almost looks human as it makes its way into the vehicle. 

Black bears are observant creatures. They frequently raise up on their hind legs to gain a better perspective of and smell their environment. They also frequently do a lot of sniffing. This is typical behavior and does not indicate hostility.

Bears are no small creatures and we instantly can hear the horn of the truck being smashed as the animal plays in the truck. The smallest bear found in North America is the black bear. Adults measure about 60 inches from nose to tail and about 29 inches tall at the shoulders. 

Males weigh between 180 and 200 pounds in the spring, and they are bigger than females. They may be around 20% heavier in the fall when they are fat, but they are significantly lighter when they come out of their winter slumber. At the most, these bears can weigh well over 600 pounds! 

Getting Attention

The sound of the horn and the overall commotion gets the attention of the vehicle owner. He makes his way out of his home and notices not only is the bear still in his truck but he’s also managed to lock himself in! Again, we think this happened by accident as the large animal took up plenty of space inside. 

You may be asking yourself why a bear would get so close to humans. The most likely reason this teddy wound up in a truck is that he smelled food. It doesn’t matter if you’re camping, tossing out trash in your yard, or if you left some takeaway in your car, a bear will sniff it out. 

Black bears are beings of opportunity when it comes to eating. They follow specific routines when looking for food. When they first appear in the spring, newly sprung green flora serves as their primary source of food, however, they will consume almost everything they can. If salmon are there, feeding changes to them as the summer goes on, but in places without them, bears subsist on vegetation all year long. 

While we’re unsure if the bear was able to get a nibble of any tasty treats, he was likely frightened by his surroundings. While we hope you’re never in a similar situation, please refrain from approaching bears, even if they’re in a vehicle. 

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