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Want to Retire in the Next Decade? Buy Cardano, BNB and EverGrow



What would your life be like if you could retire in the next decade?

The explosion of cryptocurrencies has made that dream come true for many investors under 50, under 40, and even under 30.

But the reach this promised land, you’ll need a wise investment in a mix of cryptocurrencies with the highest potential for ROI like Cardano, BNB, and EverGrow – or even all three.

In this article, we’ll draw on the price predictions from leading fintech experts, CEOs, and founders as told to finder.com.

Cardano – ROI by 2030 between 1,000-11,000%

Cardano is the world’s most valuable proof-of-stake blockchain.

What does this mean in practice?

It means that while Bitcoin has a carbon footprint equivalent to Colombia, and Ethereum emits as much C02 in a year as Singapore, Cardano is the world’s cleanest cryptocurrency with a negligible carbon footprint equivalent to the annual emissions of just 100 cars.

The Cardano blockchain is famous as being the only project with a rigorous, academic peer-review process for all upgrades and technology deployments. While rivals like Solana have suffered entire network outages in the past few months alone, Cardano has yet to encounter a quality issue in its competence.

The ability for developers to build decentralised apps (dApps) and DeFi projects on the Cardano blockchain only became available in September last year.

More than 90 projects have already launched on Cardano while some 1,000+ remain in development.

Cardano is also popular as its decentralised consensus mechanism allows for small to large holders to participate in its validation. By using one of the many official Cardano wallets, users can earn up to 5% APY on their holding by joining a staking pool.

Cardano price in July 2022

ADA hit a low of $0.4 in July and as of 20th July reached a peak of $0.54.

Cardano prediction for 2030

The panel of 54 fintech specialists gave ADA a prediction between $6.54 and $58 by 2030. It means that an investment of $10,000 at the ADA price on 20 July ($0.53) can become $64,000 and $540,000 by the end of the decade.

BNB – ROI by 2030 of 825%

BNB (formerly known as Binance Coin) powers the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume – Binance.

The BNB Chain also has the second-highest total locked volume (TVL) of any blockchain in the cryptocurrency industry. Only Ethereum has more TVL according to Defi Llama.

Oh, one more thing – BNB is also the fifth largest cryptocurrency by market cap, currently at $43 billion in mid-July 2022.

BNB launched in 2017 and has been the most successful cryptocurrency of its era and already yielded a return of 270,000% to anyone who bought BNB when it first launched with a price of $0.1.

BNB has a lot going for it this decade. Last month it overtook Coinbase as the crypto exchange holding the largest amount of Bitcoin in the world. While Coinbase, Crypto.Com, Bybit cut staff and other crypto lending platforms went into bankruptcy following the Terra Luna collapse in mid May, Binance announced it was hiring more staff.

As if that wasn’t enough, Binance then cut trading fees for the four major Bitcoin trading pairs in the US.

BNB is acquiring a dizzying array of use cases every month. Aside from giving Binance traders access to lower trading fees, BNB can now be used to buy taxis, pay at stores and shops, book travel itineraries, hotels and more.

Binance’s founder Changpeng Zhao (aka CZ) is one of the most popular voices in crypto and is widely regarded as a levelheaded, user-focused, and successful crypto boss in an increasingly complex and murky industry 2022.

BNB price in July 2022

BNB began trading in July 2022 at a low of $213. As of 20th July, the BNB price has risen to $273.

BNB prediction for 2030

According to 33 fintech experts at finder.com, the BNB price will grow to $2,488 by 2030. It means that an investment of $10,000 in BNB today ($269) will grow to at least $93,000 before the end of the decade.

EverGrow – ROI of $50,000-$320,000 per year

EverGrow is the wild card on the list.

EverGrow launched in September last year and is well on its way to becoming the top crypto for passive income. It’s already the leading reflection token in crypto.

How does that work?

Reflection tokens charge a transaction tax of 14% on each buy/sell order. From this 8% is redistributed to all investors in the BUSD stablecoin. Since September, more than $37.5 million has been paid to investors in BUSD.

EverGrow is still too small to receive price predictions from fintech experts on finder.com. EverGrow has a market cap of just $60 million and a price of $0.000000158 as of July 20th.

But the point of EverGrow is not to sell at a higher price.

Just by holding EverGrow in your wallet, you can be earning BUSD daily. Based on a few key indicators we can get an idea of likely ROI once the next crypto bull market comes around and once EverGrow wins wider exposure in the space.

EverGrow ROI prediction

Assuming we buy $10,000 of EverGrow ($EGC) today we receive 63.3 billion $EGC tokens.

BUSD rewards are dependent on daily trading volume. The peak daily trading volume in EverGrow in 2022 was $12 million in a 24-hour period. If this trading volume is sustained for just one year you would receive $50,000 in BUSD reflections according to an EverGrow calculator on the website.

But if EverGrow can gain the exposure and adoption of its reflection token partner SafeMoon – and given that SafeMoon reached a daily trading volume of $77 million in a 24-hour period in 2022 – sustaining a daily trading volume of SafeMoon for a year would mean $320,000 in BUSD inside 12 months.

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