Vidya Balan Recalls Vella Payar And Other Traditional South Indian Comfort Dishes She Relished As A Child

Don’t we all love our maa-ka-khaana? Celebrities have often revealed to Curly Tales that their favourite food is what their mother prepares. From Virat Kohli declaring his love for rajma chawal to Sonakshi Sinha loving her mother’s Sindhi kadi, there’s magic in the food prepared by our mothers. And now we have come to know that Vidya Balan loves her Amma’s (mother) South Indian comfort dishes like Adai and vella payar. Read on to know more.

Vidya Balan Adores Her Mother’s Comforting Meals From Kerala

The New Indian Express published an excerpt from Recipes for Life by Sudha Menon. In this excerpt Bollywood actress who finds her roots in Kerala, revealed that good food is all about her Amma, Priya Balan’s cooking. She recalls her childhood Sunday lunches were her mother’s vella payar would be the highlight of the meal. This dessert from Kerala is prepared by cooking red-eyed beans with coconut and jaggery. It’s an aromatic, comforting dessert that’s often served as a prasad at temples.

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Vella Payar, Chakka Payasam, Avial Are Some Of Her Favourites

Other South Indian delicacies, that Vidya Balan holds dear include her father’s pazham nurukku, steamed yellow bananas prepared in ghee and jaggery syrup. On her birthdays, she would wait to devour her mother’s semiya payasam. The festivals of Vishu and Onam would be incomplete without the homemade chakka payasam (kheer made with jackfruit), the mixed vegetable dish, avial and mor kootan, a Kerala-style kadi.

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vidya balan vella payar

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Just like most of us, the talented actress still waits to devour her mother’s cooking and drops by just to get a trip back of nostalgia.  Meanwhile, here’s a video of your favourite celebrities’ preferred maa ke haath ka khaana


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