Vatika Has Something Special For All You Lovely Women; Participate NOW!

From starting a business to climbing Mount Everest and breaking world records, women have proved their worth in almost every field. Gone are the days when women chose to remain confined within four walls. Today, women are much more than just a mother, daughters, wife or a sister. And now, it’s time to celebrate women and their success.

For 20 years Vatika has nourished your hair. And now, Vatika now wants to be a torchbearer to nourish every woman’s dreams. In order to facilitate this, Vatika and Curly Tales team up to launch Vatika Voices- a campaign that empowers women and helps them be a better version of themselves. Vatika is now giving women in GCC & MENA an opportunity to empower themselves by up-skilling their passion and living their dreams. Wondering how? Read on for more details on Vatika Voices.

Vatika Voices: A Campaign To Empower Women & Up-Lift Their Skills

You might have come across a whole lot of campaigns for women, but Vatika Voices is something unique. Unlike most other campaigns that recognize and celebrate women who have achieved something remarkable, Vatika Voices is a campaign targeted at all women. So, whether you are a celebrity or a normal woman who needs a little nudge to follow her passion, Vatika Voices is your destination. Through the campaign, Vatika aims to give women a platform to up-skill their passion and live their dreams.

How Will Vatika Help In Up-Skilling Your Passion?

It’s pretty simple. If you wish to benefit from the campaign, just fill in the form, and sign up here. Vatika will then pick 1000 lucky winners who can benefit from over 15 courses. 1000 women will be given a chance to enrol from over 15 courses and up-skill their passion. The list of courses include:

  1. Fashion Accelerator
  2. Food Accelerator
  3. Crafts Accelerator- Jewelry edition
  4. Crafts Accelerator- Home Decor
  5. Crafts Accelerator- Natural products
  6. Services Accelerator
  7. Marketing Accelerator
  8. Women rights initiative Accelerator
  9. Recycling Accelerator
  10. Makeup Accelerator
  11. Events Management Accelerator
  12. Tech Accelerator
  13. Health Accelerator
  14. Sports Accelerator
  15. Digital Marketing Accelerator

Entries for the campaign will be open until early December, so hurry and register NOW!

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