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Twitter developing its own status update like Facebook’s “feelings” feature

Twitter is reportedly working on a ‘vibe check’ feature that allows users to set a status. Researcher and reverse engineer, Jane Manchun Wong, on Twitter shared screenshots of the feature showing a “Set a status” box just above where one would type a tweet. First examples included “Eating yummy ramen” and “Lurking Twitter”.

It looks like an extra way to add personality to to post. Wong also shared a screenshot with The Verge showing a placeholder status of “Listening to A. G. Cook” below her name. Currently it is not clear weather this feature will be for all users or only for Twitter Blue subscribers.

The feature is being compared with Facebook’s “feelings” feature.

Apart from Wong, Alessandro Paluzzi, who also keeps on sharing unreleased features, has also spotted this Twitter feature. In a tweet, he said, “Twitter is working on Vibes… It should also be possible to add an emoji, perhaps it is something similar to the feeling/activity option of Facebook posts.”

Earlier this month, Twitter announced that it has started experiment testing a new feature that enables users to unmention themselves from conversations or discussions that they don’t want to be part of. A short video shared by the micro-blogging platform via its Twitter Safety handle shows that the new unmention button not only enables users to untag themselves from a particular tweet but it also enables them to untag themselves from the original tweet and all replies pertaining to that conversation.

In addition to this, the unmention feature also prevents other Twitter users from mentioning users in the same conversation again. Apart from that, while users who have unmentioned themselves from a conversation will not get notifications pertaining to conversation, they will still be able to see the entire conversation on the platform.

It is worth mentioning that the Unmention feature was first teased by Twitter back in June 2021. At the time Twitter privacy designer Dominic Camozzi had shared a ‘concept’ of the feature while inviting feedback.

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