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Transcona Car Accident {May} What Police Officers Say!

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Do you want to know what is happening in Transcona? Do you want to know about the area crash on Sunday? If yes, this article helps you to get a piece of complete knowledge.

Winnipeg, Canada, police were present at the site where the crash happened in the Transcona early morning.

This is sharp detail. Read the complete article on the Transcona Car Accident if you want to take more detail.

What do the police officers say about the accident?

The police of Winnipeg were present at the site of Transcona, where the accident happened. The crash accident happened on Sunday morning. Police called Bond street and Kildare avenue west at 2: 20 am to determine reports of the two-vehicle that are crashed with each other. 

As per the reports coming from the police, they said that a 24-year-old woman who was in one of the vehicles in the Transcona area was getting out of the crashed vehicle at reached the hospital immediately in serious condition under the case of Transcona Car Accident; after that, hospital doctors declared she died after getting a lot of serious injuries. 

The police also say that other vehicle occupants leave the Transcona area immediately after the accident. Both of the crashed vehicles were fully damaged in this accident.

In this accident, one crashed vehicle hit the house while the other seems to be in damaged condition from its front end and second car was missing. Police officers investigate the whole area, and other markers are also present at the accident spot.

Debris can seem scattered on all roads under the Transcona Car Accident.

It also comes from the reports that huge debris appears to be scattered in the road area. Police officers appeared to be talking with a witness present in the area on the road of Transcona, but police did not find any information about the crash from this witness. 

Now the police want to talk with someone who has information about this crash of vehicles with each other.

Reports on the accident 

It has come from reports that two vehicles collided on the Transcona road area. Both vehicles seemed to be in a damaged condition in Transcona Car Accident. This accident happens in the early morning on Sunday. Police officers and investigators found the occupation of the second vehicle, which disappeared after the accident. But the women who are in the first vehicle get critical injuries. After getting serious injuries to the women, women reached to the hospital by police officers, but unfortunately she died.


In this article, we give you detailed information about the crashed vehicle accident that happened on Sunday morning, and further investigations take place by investigators and police officers. For more information of this incident, visit this website.  

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