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Top 10 Enterprise Cybersecurity Companies to Know in 2022



As companies depend on cloud storage the data is very much vulnerable to cyber thieves.

Businesses are vulnerable to cyberattacks in more ways than one. As companies depend more on cloud storage, the data becomes more vulnerable to cyber thieves. Dealing with cybercrime is a costly affair, and all companies cannot afford it. Besides, few instances might require advanced cybersecurity solutions. Here are the top 10 enterprise cybersecurity companies which are known for providing business-specific solutions.

Intruder: A global cybersecurity company, is known for its cloud-based security solutions. The vulnerability scanner developed by it can find security weaknesses across the network and digital infrastructure. Vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, cloud security, and network security are a few of the many services they provide.

Perimeter81: It is an Israel-based cybersecurity company established to provide network management services via a unified service delivered entirely from the cloud. Specialized in Secure Access Service Edge and Zero Trust Network Access, it’s been successful in helping many enterprises with simplified and cost-effective cybersecurity solutions.

SecurityHQ: As a globally managed security system provider, it has around 6 security operation centers with round-the-clock operations. Complete visibility is ensured with real-time log analytics, security orchestration automation, and threat hunting.

IBM: Basically, an IT company, that manufactures hardware along with providing software and consulting services, it is the main cybersecurity solution provider for US federal government. Its expertise lies in areas such as situational awareness and response, cognitive security, mobile security, biometrics, and identity access management.

Palo Alto Networks: A Californian-based network security provider, that caters to industries like finance, healthcare, retail, etc for SaaS, private, and public cloud. Their AI-enabled SecOps products facilitate 8X faster incident investigations.

ScienceSoft: As an IBM partner in Security Operations and Response, to date, it has completed more than 150 projects in banking, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, public sector, telecoms, and other industries. Some of their core capabilities include website security audit, web penetration testing, static application security testing, and remote computer forensics.

FireEye: A security platform that utilizes a combination of security technologies to keep pace with the changing security scenarios. A living XDR architecture adapts to the speed of threat actors to deliver advanced cyber threat intelligence. Its core capabilities include Enterprise Security, managed defense, threat intelligence, and security transformation.

Fortinet: A provider of cybersecurity solutions like firewall, anti-virus, and intrusion prevention software, is the largest security provider for enterprises and government organizations around the world. Its Security Fabric architecture can deliver uncompromised security across the network, for on-premise, cloud, and mobile environments.

QAwerk: Combining the power of advanced security tools with its pen testing expertise, it has cracked some of the most critical and advanced exploits. Its core cybersecurity exploits include website security, audit, web penetration testing, mobile app testing, static application security testing, etc.

Darktrace: An UK-based security company, with its broad detection and response capabilities, has established itself as an innovator in AI-based security. It is established as a joint venture between British intelligence agencies and Cambridge University mathematicians. Darktrace AI can detect in-progress cyber-attacks in seconds, an ideal solution for avoiding cyber disruptions, with the least impact on day-to-day business operations.

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