This Newest Beachfront Burger Joint In Abu Dhabi Gives You Customisable Options, Mythical Menu Items & More

Abu Dhabi’s burger game has undoubtedly been strong for a while now. Do you agree or do you agree? Tightening a classical blend of homegrown and international class buns. But we think it’s fair to say, if there’s been one notable absence, it’s that of the Pickl. Wondering why exactly we mentioned that? Well, bear with us for a while then.

This Burger Joint Is Now Operating In Six Locations Across Dubai

The brand made immediate noise after smashing their hormone-free patties onto Dubai’s burger scene in 2019. And the brand led by Chief Pickl Officer Steve Flawith has grown rapidly since. They’re now operating in six locations across Dubai. Imagine! From 2019 to literally six locations across Dubai! These passionate pickle peddlers would be coming to the capital’s new beachfront foodie hub, Mamsha Al Saadiyat. And, they finally made their way to the capital on November 25, 2021.

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Relish Their Exclusive ‘Simple Not Basic’ Soft-Serve Ice Cream

This Saadiyat outpost will excitingly be the first to roll out soft-serve ice cream!!! With two flavours that follow the brands ‘simple not basic’ mantra. And unlike some burger joints, the ice cream machine won’t be ‘broken’ every time you go in. That’s hilariously true though. You can choose from chocolate and vanilla, which you can order separately. Or even have them mixed together in a beautiful whippy inter-flavour melange. Mammamiaa!!! Dhs12 for the small. And, Dhs20 for the large.

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Dive Into Their Customisable Potato-Bunned Chuck Patty Burger Combos

Their core menu is tightly packed with customisable potato-bunned chuck patty beef burgers combos. Messy fries and obnoxiously-proportioned chicken Sandos. You know what? Their extremely warm Nashville Hot option has a devoted fan base all of its own. Those are by all objective measures up there with the best in the UAE.

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Pamper Yourself With The Best ‘Meat Alternative’ Burger Along With Ice Cream Sandos Too

They have ice cream Sandos too! And probably the best ‘meat alternative’ burger that you must try already! With their dressing of the Impossible Patties.

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Their Limited Edition Mythical Menu Will Get Your Mouth All Watery

But it’s their limited edition special releases that really get our medium-rare juices flowing. Mythical menu items that read like a Kanye West album listing. You see, there’s the notorious ‘Big Fella’, ‘The Big Bad John’, the glorious sloppy joe mess fest that was ‘Owen Wilson is Pure Fuego’, ‘Cluck, Cluck, Cluck, Moo’, ‘The Hot Beef Murray’, ‘Boujee Bird’, ‘Chicken Katsu Sando’ and wait, we cannot give you more. Because we want you to head there and explore all by yourselves now! We can no longer afford to even pronounce some! Do help us in future!

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Mamsha Al Saadiyat’s newest addition is a top tier burger joint. Indeed!

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