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This Is Why Bitgert Marketcap Will Do 10x and Avalanche 2x This August



Key Highlights:

  • Bitgert BRC20 blockchain zero gas fee is a major driver
  • Bitgert’s fast-growing ecosystem will increase BRISE adoption faster than Avalanche LTC
  • Bitgert hype is growing the community faster than Avalanche

Avalanche did so well during the last few weeks, with July posting one of the largest price growths for the Avalanche coin in 2022. The Avalanche marketcap has posted a 50% increase in the past 30 days of this writing. This is an impressive performance from the Avalanche team, but Avalanche still has tough competition to beat from Bitgert (BRISE).

Bitgert project has been one of the biggest Avalanche competitors. With both Avalanche and Bitgert being EVM networks, Bitgert is standing out as the most competitive of the two. In fact, crypto experts believe that Bitgert marketcap might grow 10x this August while Avalanche marketcap might increase 2x. Here are reasons why Bitgert will do better than Avalanche, as shared by crypto experts:

Bitgert BRC20 Blockchain

One of the biggest reasons why Bitgert marketcap will explode 10x this month is the powerful BRC20 blockchain. The Bitgert blockchain is the fastest and cheapest chain in the crypto industry today. Its adoption has been one of the biggest reasons why Bitgert marketcap has been doing well than Avalanche, which will continue this august.

Avalanche still does not have a blockchain. In fact, the Avalanche gas fee is higher than the Bitgert chain, and the Avalanche network scaling is slower. That’s one reason why Avalanche’s marketcap performance will be overtaken by Bitgert.

Bitgert Fast Growing Ecosystem

The Bitgert ecosystem will be another big driver for skyrocketing Brise marketcap. Unlike Avalanche, the Bitgert team is delivering the roadmap faster. There are so many products and projects that are coming on the Brise chain this August compared to Avalanche.

Part of the Bitgert Startup Studio projects is launching this august. Centcex team might also release the Bitgert products and projects it is building. Therefore, the Bitgert ecosystem is expected to grow faster than Avalanche.

Bitgert Growing Hype

Because of the powerful blockchain, fast-growing ecosystem, and the bullish BRISE, the Bitgert hype has been growing every day. This is projected to continue this august, which means the Bitgert community will grow faster than Avalanche.

The bottom line is that Avalanche will need to do better to beat the Bitgert competition. However, the Avalanche marketcap might grow 2x this month. However, this is if the Avalanche team will release disruptive products and projects.

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