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This Digital-Only Rotary-Swapped Ford Focus RS Was Inspired By A Mazda RX-7 Racecar

This story includes digital renderings made by independent artist Khyzyl Saleem that are neither related to nor endorsed by Ford or Mazda.

The Ford Focus RS might be a thing of the past, but concept artist Khyzyl Saleem brought it back to life by adding some crazy modifications to the digital world. The pictured hot hatch is envisioned with a rotary engine and a wide-bodykit inspired by RE Amemiya’s Mazda RX-7.

For those not familiar with RE Amemiya, it is a famed Japanese tuner known for the three-rotor Mazda RX-7 racecar that participated in the Super GT series in the ’90s, while offering various tuning kits for the RX-7 roadcar. Khyzyl Saleem is a fan of the racecar and decided to integrate some of its styling cues to one of the best hot hatches of the previous decade, the now-discontinued Ford Focus RS Mk3.

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The Focus is nearly unrecognizable due to the extensive visual mods that make it look like a racecar. At the front, the new bumper features RX-7-style intakes and a massive splitter while going for a clean grille-less look. The bonnet is vented, the headlights are yellow-tinted and the mirrors have been moved to the ultra-wide front fenders.

A pair of six-spoke alloy wheels by Rays, side-sill add-ons, sponsor stickers and wider rear fenders complement the profile, with the suspension being slammed into the ground. At the back, the taillights got body-colored covers, and the bumper has been replaced by a huge diffuser integrating the original dual tailpipes of the RE Amemiya RX-7 racecar. The rear wing might not be as tall as in the latter, but it surely is huge compared to the stock RS.

Khyzyl Saleem created this Focus RS as a fun project and, obviously, it is not destined for the real world. He envisioned it with a rotary engine swap, potentially producing a fair amount of horsepower and making it one of the most unique-sounding hot hatches. While the conversion would be more fitting to the Mazda3, the tuned Focus RS looks like a beast.

Images by Khyzyl Saleem

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