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Technology Behind Real Cash Slots



Learn about the secrets of the technology behind real cash shots.

The continuous advancements in technology have left us spoilt for choice in terms of casino game selection and quality. The leading slot developers have been working hard to bring you a new generation of online slots that you will appreciate. And since they are always pushing the boundaries, many of us are left wondering what is hiding behind real cash slots.

If you are interested in learning more about the technology behind some of your favourite games and those that will surely become your top picks, you are in the right place. We’ll go over what’s behind the curtains for real cash slot games, so stick with us.

Software Basics

If you’re not tech-savvy, you might have a problem grasping the basic technology behind real cash slots. That is why we will explain the most important concepts you need to understand before you start playing.


If you’ve had the chance to play real cash slots before, you have probably heard of a Random Number Generator (RNG). However, you might not know what this refers to exactly. Well, an RNG creates random number sequences in millisecond intervals daily. Every time you spin the reels, the RNG continues to produce random and entirely different outcomes. Unfortunately, you cannot do anything to affect this outcome directly. You can only decide at which time you’ll press the Spin button. 

Naturally, RNGs are regularly tested for fairness. As a result, you can be sure they are not rigged. Plus, reputable online gambling sites even use RNGs that have been additionally tested. 

Blockchain Technology

If you prefer to keep up with the latest trends, you probably know that traditional fiat currencies are not your only option anymore. The methods for depositing and withdrawing funds to and from a casino have been upgraded, and players now have the chance to use cryptocurrencies.

The blockchain technology that cryptos rely on enables quick and safe transactions. So, if you’ve had the pleasure of obtaining crypto, you can use it to test your luck by playing online casino games. What’s more, many casinos offer crypto-specific bonuses that you’ll surely want to check out.

VR and AR Technology

The years ahead will certainly bring numerous technological innovations that will sweep us off our feet. Yet, for now, we get to enjoy visual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies in slot games that take the entire gaming experience to another level.

Such technology has enabled superior game designs, graphics, audio and video quality, and more. You can check out Genting casino UK and play some of the modern games there.

Live Casino Technology

It’s no secret that lives casino technology has been a dealbreaker for many players out there. It has enabled players to stay at home and experience the thrill of a live casino when they need it the most — for example, during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

What makes these games so exciting is the fact that they are hosted by a real human dealer. Any physical transactions that the dealer makes are translated into data by the Optical Character Recognition (OCR). This software allows players to join the games from their homes without missing out on anything. Additionally, the game results are determined by a human, not a machine, which makes the whole process even more fascinating.

Mobile Apps

Lastly, we need to mention mobile apps and how they have influenced players worldwide. You can also read more about it here

Mobile applications allow players to access games from anywhere in the world without sitting at a desk and spinning the reels on a desktop or laptop. The developers who create such games need to use HTML5 technology, which helps them develop lag-free games.

Luckily, you can find a range of providers that offer such games in almost any casino online. All you have to do is pick your favourite theme or category, and you’ll be good to go.

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