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Speech on Social Media

Hello students and my most respected teachers. I hope you all are doing great. Today the topic of my speech is Social Media.

Firstly let’s all understand that what is social media. With the use and development of technology, social media platforms came in our life. Internet speed has increased and its rates have come down. Unlike old times where birds were the messenger. Now with internet socializing has increased at a very higher level. Different websites are available where you can interact with people from all over the world. This is all known as social media. There are thousands of websites which connect you to other people.

Now, what are advantages of using social media? The world is now a global village. You can find your lost friend by searching on social networking sites. Technology has all made this very easy and simple for everyone. Now you just have to make an account and have to login. After that world is all yours. Economic growth of a country is increased by it. People have found many online jobs through this social media thing. Love lives have improved with social media. People get to know each other better. In short it has huge benefits. One cannot deny them. You cannot free yourself from using these social media accounts. Everyone use Facebook today. People can now relax in their spare time by using these applications. It’s like a blessing for these. If anyone is in a remote area it connects you with people. Family things are shared on social media and all members can see them.

On the other hand, social media has a long list of disadvantages. There has been now a very big communication gap between generations. Children don’t feel the need to talk to their parents. They remain quiet all day and use their phones. Family gatherings are boring for them. They tend to make themselves busy with their mobiles at home. They waste their nights and days by chatting with strangers. This is against the moral values. Children don’t study and whole days of theirs are being used in these social media applications. Pictures are involved in both these applications. Social apps have very disadvantages more than its benefits.

So parents should always keep a check on their children. It’s necessary to keep track of them. Otherwise, they may waste a lot of time.

So social media is a very big web. You can explore and check different places. One can talk and share their stuff with their friends. A specific friend circle is present on these social media applications. You can restrict your activities to a specific group of people. I hope you all liked my speech regarding this topic. Now I would like to end it with some special words that social media is a very powerful magnet. It attracts people towards it.

Thank you!

Have a great day.

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