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Speech on Science and Technology

At the beginning of my speech, I want to welcome all the teachers and students due to participation in this meeting. Today, I would like to talk about an important topic which changes our life and our world indeed. I am going to argue about science and technology which bring us a lot of comforts and services. Science really changes our way of living, it omits our superstitions and totally helps us to live better than before. It gives us a lot of information about where we live in, our nature, and our body.

In addition, the technology that derived from science completely changes our lifestyle. My friends, you cannot imagine your life without different tools which science and technology bring them to us. I suggest you to ask your teachers, parents, or grandparents to tell you their diaries from the past. When technology hadn’t spread out so much. I just want you to close your eyes and imagine that there is no electricity anywhere. How could you live in this dark world? It is really scary when I imagine this world in my mind.

Just look at your cell phone. You can communicate with anybody you want regardless of how far away he/she is. Or the fabulous technology, the internet. It is unbelievable to access to a wide range of information without any limitation, whenever you want. You can watch your favorite movies, listen to your lovely music online by means of your cell phone and internet. You can share your ideas with other people all around the world. Also get to know to others opinions. Actually, this limitless world drives me crazy.

One of the other services which technology bring to us is cars. Nowadays, we can drive a car and traverselong paths in short times that is impossible for our grandparents. Car technology is ongoing. There are lots of companies and institutes studying new technologies about how to make car driving safer and more comfortable. You can compare the first generation of cars with brand new ones You can observe their changes and assess its progression during the time. In addition to cars, consider airplanes. Whilom, they are just a dream until Wright brothers materialize this dream. Now we can travel too long distances by means of airplanes in a glimpse.

Indeed, in terms of hygiene; science and technology help us so much. Modern technologies have significant effects on our life level. They improve standard levels of our living. They survive us from disaster disease by means of new methods and modern surgeries. To be honest, we really owe our health to modern medicine and hygiene science. Based on international reports, the number of babies who die during their childbirth significantly decreased. This is just because of modern science and technologies. I want my friends who attend this speech, to ask their teachers about medicine progression during the time. Thanks to new sophisticated surgery methods most of the incurable disease can be cured nowadays.

At the end of my speech, I just want to add something that is different from what I said above. It is about the disadvantages of new technologies. Although new technologies make our life more comfortable and easier, they have bad effects on us. In this modern world, we have incredible communication technologies but we are alone. We love each other less than before. Sometimes I think we are going to be like a machine. So I believe that we should use these technologies but do not let them make our hearts far from each other.

Finally, I am so grateful for being patient and listening to my speech.

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