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Speech on Road Safety

Beloved teachers and students, my speech today is on Road Safety. Road Accidents today are one of the biggest causes of death and injury for many.

Road safety is about ways and means to reduce or avoid road crashes, death or injury on the road.

Roads are used by various groups of people which include car or truck drivers, people walking called as PedestriansCyclists using bicycles, motorcyclists or other motor driven forms of transport. It is also used by the passengers of all types of vehicles, including public transport users like buses and trains. Trains intersect and cross the roads, creating a high risk for its passengers and the other road users. Animals also use roads. There are Animal-Drawn Transport forms like cattle, donkeys and horses carts. Road safety is an important aspect of individual responsibility. People are encouraged to employ great caution on the roads. While avoiding any possible loss of life or injury. Road safety is a big concern for Governments and many Civil Society Organizations.

Dear friends, road safety emphasises on the correct use of the roads for pedestrians, drivers and other groups of user. It encourages to show respect to the traffic rules and provisions. Respecting Traffic Regulations helps to reduce accidents. Road safety stresses the proper use of the roads with vehicles moving on their demarcated spaces and reading the signs and instructions on how the road can be used. Pedestrians are asked to use demarcated footpaths or road crossing points. Governments overspend a lot of money on Road Safety Campaigns to teach on road safety.   School children are educated on safe road use and basic road rules. Children are taught on which side of the road they should walk on. They are given information on the road signs that are for those who are walking. School children are also taught about the safest spaces for road crossings such as the Zebra or Pedestrian Crossing or a human-assisted space. Children are taught the basics of checking the road before they cross. They are encouraged through the training not to run when crossing roads.

Many countries also have Road Safety Campaigns to reach out to motorists. The programs vary from one community to another. They look and focus refreshing the driver’s to look after pedestrians and passengers. They are assisted to remember the different road signs and road rules. Road safety is very important to many countries. Countries have rules and laws that sentences and commits offenders. To conclude my speech, I would like to highlight that road safety is very important in life. It assists to reduce the deaths and injuries on the roads. It also creates communities of people and road users that share the roads responsibly and very carefully. It helps keep order on the roads and save lives. Road safety should be something that everyone should embrace and look over their shoulder all the time to prevent an accident.

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