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Speech on Retirement

First of all, I would like to welcome all the teachers and students sitting in the audience to listen to my speech on retirement. It is basically the period at which one stops working and take a break from hardworking professional life.

Most organizations have a policy of getting their employees retired at an age of 58 or 60, though some may prefer different age to determine retirement. The need of getting retired arises from the fact that after a particular age, the body tends to become tired easily and thus, older people need to get rest at home after this period.

But, my dear friends, now you may think that how can all people start getting tired at the same age. It is true that it depends on the personal stamina and strength. Some people may feel the urge of getting retired before the prescribed age limit. In that case, there is usually a provision of availing Voluntary Retirement at most places. People who want to avail this can take benefit of this kind of policies. And then, there is another kind, who even after getting technically retired, want to work and earn for their family as their body permits them to do so. They usually like to keep themselves engaged in some activity or the other. They can become a volunteer for any social activity or may even help others using their expertise and knowledge.

My dear fellow audience, you all may have seen your grandparents or parents getting retired at a particular age. Even after getting retired, one can utilize his time for the benefit of others. They can share their knowledge with others and guide them to be successful in their lives. Retirement may not necessarily imply that the person has become dependent for the family. There have been people, who had financially and personally supported their families even after getting retired. Their zeal to utilize the life to the fullest is the greatest contributing factor for their hard work and enthusiasm.

As a family, we all must try our best to help the retired person to get along the mainstream society. It is true that they may need your assistance for some tasks to be done, you should never hesitate to help. We all should support them as they had also supported us during their working period. They deserve our appreciation for everything they had done for us in the past as well as for whatever help they will provide us in the future. They continue to assist us by providing mental and emotional support as and when required.

In some cases, you may have noticed that not only older people get retired. A player may take ‘retirement’ from the game, to pursue something else. Or a teacher may not get retired of teaching, even after completing the particular retirement age. It may be possible that both of them are continuing with their profession for benefit of others. For example, a player may start sports coaching after very early retirement or a teacher may continue teaching at a personal level, even after official retirement.

Finally, I would like to conclude my speech by thanking all of you for being such a patient audience. And always remember that retirement should not be considered as a halt or stop in someone’s life.

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