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Speech on Parents

Good morning, dear students and my respected teachers. I hope you all are doing well. Today the topic of my speech is on parents. This is a very important and basic topic. We all know that parents are the creatures of God which protect and love us. They are a gift for us. A home is only a safe place with them. They spend their whole lives for giving a good and healthy life to their children. They keep them away from all troubles. Success and smile of their children are all they want. But, today, a lot of young people don’t value the contribution of parents in their life. They don’t care about their parents and their rights. They just care about themselves. This is very rude and arrogant behaviour. Parents have a long list of rights.

They need to be loved when they are old. We all are social animals. Interaction is necessary and important for us. Similarly, our parents need our care and time. They don’t want us to leave them in old homes. Talking to them every day is all they need.

So, everyone should take care of their parents. They need to be loved. If they are old and you don’t have time then hire a nurse or a person who can take care of them. Don’t leave them unattended.

Parents are a plural word. Father and mother both come in this category. They both have their separate rights and rules. Both of them are really important in upbringing a child. A father makes money for their children while a mother cooks for him, love him and nurture him. Mothers cradle is the first school of any child. So mothers respect is the basic thing and we all should do this. Today, many teenagers don’t take this matter seriously. So I humbly request all of you people that take my words seriously. Ask the importance of parents from those who don’t have parents. They will tell you their true importance.

Physical, social and mental development of a child is done by them. They are responsible for the proper upbringing of their child. From school to college and then university your parents don’t leave you. They are the best trainers for which anyone can ask for. They make us strong enough to face the challenges of this cruel world. They are a true blessing. Without them and their support, we cannot thrive or survive in this world. They know our mood swings and habits. They are our best friends. Parents remain tense during our teenage. They keep a regular check on ourselves so that we remain away from the bad company and people. They are our true saviours. Children usually take time to understand this. But when they do so, they feel good and mature. Now I would not take your more time and will end my speech.

In the end, I would like to say we all should respect and love our parents. This is the least we all could do. Thanks a lot for hearing me out.

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