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Speech on Music

A sound which pleases everyone’s mind in every situation. Probably the best stress booster or energy booster, music. Good morning, respected teacher and fellow students. Today I am here to give a speech on music. Listening to music always helps to change your mood.

Music always completes the scene. If you will go to any good shop or mall or restraint or any other luxurious place you will find music playing in the background. Though music will not be too loud it will be played. It will soothe your mind. Even if you don’t like that playlist, at that place it will give you different calmness.

India has a variety of music. In every state, you will see the variation of music. In the world more, varieties can be seen. Music like jazz, pop, soft, EDM and so on. Music is also the best source for giving some message in a different way. It could be a social message and also a way of expressing feelings.

Indian music is admired in the whole world. Indian music is considered music to relax our mind or a big reliever. The music played from Indian instruments such as sitar, Veena or bansuri (flute), gives real peace and satisfaction to mind.

Indian music can also act as therapy. It is professionally done in western and highly developed countries. People will anxiety and depression or access to stress are advised to hear Indian music at least for 1 hour daily.

Various category of music can also be seen. You can play on multiple playlists during multiple situations. You can play workout playlist in the morning for yoga and exercise. You can play pop music during the time of celebration. There is a huge collection of music now. It all depends what kind of taste you have? Creating music can also be considered as the talent. Now people are used to various music. They love to hear variations. They appreciate new and different styles. Particular can bore people so random music can be the best option. The Internet has also given the large platform to showcase your talent and achieve more popularity. Popularity can take people to big platforms and can convert their passion into a way of earning.

Listening to good music and meditating for a while also helps you to be a fun and enjoyable person. Quality of music expresses what type of human you are. Music plays a big role form you as a personality. If you don’t like socializing or hanging out with others then music can be your best friend. Expressing your thoughts and intentions through music can be considered creative. The listener will get more attracted since everybody loves music and if you will dedicate something to someone then it will be considered as a sweet gesture.

Thank you, everyone! For listening to m speech and giving crucial time.

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