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Speech on Importance of Education in English

Good morning everyone! I would like to welcome all the teachers and students who have gathered here to listen to my speech on the importance of education. In this modern age, education gives us knowledge and opportunity to understand various things related to our lives and surroundings. It really changes our mind-set towards everything, helping us to analyse the situation properly.

This is the era of being able to upgrade ourselves technically. Dear students, as you grow up, you will be required to solve most of your issues yourselves. The uneducated persons are most vulnerable to be a victim of money fraud. I am not saying that educated people don’t ever get cheated. But they are more unlikely to be caught in such a situation if they use their presence of mind. Education provides us the strength to take a stand in front of personal or professional challenges. In that case, we will be surer about what we are saying is accurate. Educated persons have a different and mostly true perspective towards life when compared to uneducated ones.

Dear friends, education not only means scoring marks in exams, but the true essence of education lies in developing our inner selves. We should use our education to be more cautious, informative and correct. You can use it as a weapon or your support in tough times. If you are educated, you are, in a way, diminishing the risks of being unsuccessful in future endeavours. Education helps us to make a correct interpretation of things happening around us.

You should try not to misuse your education to gain some unlawful advantage of a system or an individual. Teachers and parents play a great role in imparting education to the students. They should make sure that children are being taught how to properly use it for the betterment of self and society. Dear audience, education also provides us a lot of job or business opportunities. If you are educated enough, you can work in your choice of field, getting a job will be easier. Or if you ever wish to start a business of your own, you will have the knowledge and basic know – how. Being an entrepreneur, it will give you a lot of ideas, which you may have learnt through education and can use it for the survival of the business. In this competitive environment, everyone is moving forward with a dream and this education can be used as a defense to various challenges.

Dear fellows, the basic education will provide you the chance and opportunity to be independent in your life. Taking someone’s suggestion is not bad, but you can also take the decisions with full confidence, knowing the pros and cons of various situations. In short, it will help us in achieving success in all spheres of life, be it personal or professional. Every one of us has the right to education and one must work to promote it among others too. You should help the uneducated people around you by telling them about the advantages of being educated.

So, to conclude my speech, I would like to urge all of you sitting in the audience to be the ambassador of education.

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