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Speech on Environmental Pollution

Everyone wants there surrounding to be cleaned and hygienic but still the rate of pollution is getting higher and higher. Why? Ever thought of who is the biggest reason for an increment of pollution? The answer is too simple. It is only we humans.

Good morning, respected teachers and fellow students. Today I am here to give make you realize how are we harming our environment through my speech. Let us begin with the terms. The whole term can be divided into two parts. An environment which is considered as our surrounding and the thing nearby to us. And pollution is the damage and harm we are creating. By making the term together Environmental pollution means the harms and damage is created to our surroundings.

For our convenience, we have created many things which are making our life simpler but more than making life simpler it is affecting the environment.

For our convenience, we have ignored the pros and corns and gave rise to making our life simple. With such a mindset, a human has polluted almost every natural resource. It is hard to see anything which is not polluted. We have come up with several types of pollution such as air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, noise pollution, ultraviolet rays, deforestation and so on. This pollution has given rise to global warming.

Air pollution has made one disease so common which is asthma. People find difficult to breathe due to the harmful substance present in the air. The air gets polluted through the smoke produced by vehicles and factories. The smoke goes all around the area and people living in that area gets impure air. Burning of plastics and other waste material openly.   Also, due to cutting of trees and leading to deforestation making the situation worst. As the trees are not available to clean the air.

Water is one of the basic and most important natural resources. Earth is mostly occupied by water body and hence mostly get polluted. In rural areas, river and ponds are the main sources of water. They wash clothes in rivers, take bath, clean there cattle and so on. Poor sewage systems. Similarly, in urban areas industries dump their chemical waste in the water body. If water gets collected for a longer time then they can be the house of harmful insects and birth to diseases like malaria and dengue.

Listening to loud music, unnecessary blowing horns leads to the rise in noise pollution. Adding harmful chemicals to crops affects the soil also depositing all the waste into the soil, leads to soil pollution. Access or misuse use of natural resource either extinct them or pollute them. Natural resources are very important for us. We should not harm our environment because at last, we will be the one who will suffer. At last of my speech I just want to say that save environment, save your life.

Thank you for being a patient audience and giving your crucial time.

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