Sleep Inside A Bubble – In The Middle Of The Desert

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You can now sleep inside a bubble in the middle of the desert, thanks to Starlight Camp’s newest bubble tents. Need more? Take your doggie along too!

What’s It?

What if we say you can go camping inside a bubble, that too in the middle of a desert? Sounds exciting? The Starlight Camp lets you experience sun, sand and the sky from inside a bubble-like tent. How cool is that! Not just that, these tents are set up under 45 minutes, which means they are not permanent fixtures on the desert. Pick a spot in the desert and they’ll let you have the most private staycation. What’s even better is that your fur companions also receive a warm welcome. Yes, the tents are doggie-friendly.

What’s In The Tent?

You will sleep inside a large bubble-like tent with a dome-shaped roof, overlooking the sky. But, that’s not all. Unlike normal camping which will require you to sleep on the sand, inside a sleeping bag, bubbles tents are luxuriously equipped with a queen size bed.

Credits: Starlight Camp Facebook

Credits: Starlight Camp Facebook

The tents also have curtains you can draw, but you will hardly use them, given that you will be the only guests on the site.  Want more? The room also has heaters to keep you warm, electrical sockets to charge your phone, lap top, i pad, or tablet, a bluetooth speaker and plenty of space for your four-legged baby to wander around.

Credits: StarLightCamp Facebook

Credits: StarLightCamp Facebook

In case you have kids coming along, they provide extra beds or they can have their very own mini-tents next door. As for your poop woes, worry not!

Credits: StarLightCamp Facebook

Credits: StarLightCamp Facebook

The tents come with a wooden enclosed toilet and shower, to ward off your camping predicaments. The camp is priced at AED 1,800 for a night, and for more details about the pop-up bubbles in the desert


Location: Starlight Camping, Dubai Desert
Contact: 050 345 5358
Cost: AED 1800 per night
Happy camping!

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