Short Speech on Food

We all are a living being and for our survival, we need something which will provide every nutrition to our body and keep us healthy and fit. Only food can give us a healthy survival. Good morning respected teachers and fellow students. Today I’m here to give a speech on food.

Food is a very important thing for human survival. We should eat 3 meals a day. Our meal should consist of a proper combination of carbohydrates, fat, protein, calcium, vitamins, iron and other healthy components. If we skip any of the components then we might face some major problem or body will start functioning wrong.

We should eat green leafy vegetables, fruits, drink milk and eat dairy products. If we will start depending heavily upon junk food then our parts of the body will also start malfunctioning or get damaged easily. We will fall sick often or other major problems can affect our lives. We should always eat homemade healthy food since it is cooked with hygiene and best and healthy products are used to prepare it. Junk food is either made up of unhygienic material or kept for many days.

Every living being needs food to survive. For example, plants prepare their own food by photosynthesis. Human-beings and animals likewise need food to survive.

Due to the development, many industries have been set up and agricultural activities have got affected. The crops are grown using artificial techniques. The cultivation process is highly affected. So we should not waste food. We should have it as much as it is required because many people are not even getting 3 meals in a day.

At last of my speech, I would like to say that today I wanted to convey two messages. Firstly, we should eat healthy to stay healthy. We should avoid junk food to avoid several diseases. Secondly. We should not waste food. I hope everyone will follow these rule in your daily life. Thank you for listening to me and giving your crucial time.

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