Short Speech on Exams (Examinations)

Today’s speech is on a topic – exams, which is mostly associated with the teachers and students community. Exams or Examinations form an integral part of our education system, as it is a way to test the ability of the students, how much were they able to grasp what was taught to them. They act as a milestone, which must be successfully cleared to get promoted to the next class.

Dear students, I know that most of you are afraid of exams, but the matter of fact is that they are just a medium to express your level of understanding in a particular subject. Although you will be judged by your parents and teachers based on the marks obtained in exams, remember that even if you were not able to score as per their expectations, you should not lose the motivation to study.

There may be many factors which may lead to a scoreless than your competitor, and not all of these factors are in your control. The exams must be taken with the true spirit of gaining knowledge and not just by using your rote memory. The one who is scoring more in exams by just memorizing the important topics is not being fair to the subject and that knowledge will not help him further. You must spend time in understanding the concepts, getting into the depth of topics, taking the help of your teachers, who could explain you in the best possible manner. If you understand some topic properly, it will surely be reflected in your scores, then you don’t have to worry about your scores.

And dear teachers, I would like to suggest you to encourage the students in understanding the topics rather than just learning for the sake of writing in exams and score marks. Parents also play a role here in the development of a child by not only comparing the scores of their ward with his peers but also helping him in studies and motivating him to focus on knowledge rather than just scoring marks.

Thus I would like to conclude my speech by suggesting you all that one should score well in exams, but not by undermining its purpose using rote memory.

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