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Short Paragraph on Indian Constitution for Children

Indian constitution got effective from 26th January 1950, and it got formed by B.R Ambedkar along with other members of the drafting committee of the constitution of the assembly.

Every Indian has their fundamental rights which they can use at any time and at any location, and they have the freedom to use their fundamental rights in every manner. If any of the rights are getting disturbed, one can appeal against us.

Every Indian has a freedom of speech that means that every Indian can speak at any place and any time about anything and anyone and no one will have the right to stop anyone. Freedom of speech means that if someone feels that something wrong is happening in the country, he can step ahead and speak against anyone.

Looking at the condition of people during the time of Independence, the Indian constitution made sure that all the people of the country get equal right. The law got made for equality which is even in trend today.

The country is getting developed day by day. The country has completed more than 70 years of Independence happily.

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