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Short Paragraph on ‘Management Planning’

What is management planning?

Management planning is planning in a managerial context. A managerial context might be an office, where one employee is managing a team of other employees. Or, it might be any work place where one person is designated the ‘manager’. There can also be several managers at work on a plan together or separately.

What are some examples of management planning?

Planning how to manage a project with a team of co-workers is a good example of management planning. Another example is managing the budget for a company and apportioning out resources accordingly.

What are the advantages of management planning?

Management planning enables managers to get their projects done as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. This saves time and money.

Challenges of management planning.

Management planning can involve certain time pressures and skills such as budgeting and legal knowledge.


Anyone who is in a managerial position at work should hone their management planning skills.

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