Short Essay on the Autumn Season

The Autumn Season – Short Essay 1

Natural features: As the rain peters out the autumn sets in. The autumn comes as a relief in the wake of the nagging rain.

During Autumn season, the cloud appears tired of raining. It is weary and old. It drifts across the sky leisurely with its silvery head that looks like a huge mass of cotton.

The sky has erases its last trace of black stain and turns deep blue. The earth surface is covered with while ‘shiuli’ flowers.

Festivals of autumn: The crowning glory of the season is its procession of festivals. It has a special meaning for the people of this state. Mahalaya, Durga Puja, Lakshmi Puja, Kali Puja, Bhratri Dwitiya fill the hearts of the people with high spirits and delight.

Clad in new garments rich and poor, young and old visit the pandals and have ‘darshan’ of the images of deities. It is a time for travelling and trekking. It is an occasion for family reunion too.

Commercial importance: It is a season of great commercial importance. The clay modelers, decorators, tailors, dealers of textiles, sweetmeat-sellers, and drummers wait throughout the year for brisk business.

The people lay by something every month of great spending during the pujas.

But this is not enough. A fat amount comes from the puja bonus to meet the budget. Some amount is spent for travelling and sight-seeing. So the Railways and the vehicular traffic have busy days.

By Samar

The Autumn Season -Short Essay 2

Autumn season is the season which comes after the late spring and before winter and the season is likewise called a fall in a large portion of the nations. The months in which the autumn season comes is generally between July and October.

Autumn marks the beginning of the latter half of the seasonal year and the slowing down of activity in nature. For birds and animals, the more productive part of summer has gone by; now it’s time to store foodfor the winter and to find your cozy place for hibernating.

Although each season comes with its beauty, autumn has an extraordinary place in nature’s art. Beautiful vivid colors on the trees: rich auburn, orange, ochre, browns, bright yellow and also the remnants of summer in the form of lush green, and many colors in between are splashed around everywhere. You can find them floating in the wind or a soft carpet of the fallen leaves, and of course on trees. If it’s a clear day, you have a blue color to add in the sky. Every day is different and delightful.

However, there is a sadness to it because it’s a constant reminder that the trees are soon going to be bareand the grey tone is going to set in. The chill in the wind already gets the warm clothes out of the closet and the days start growing shorter.

In the autumn season, the shade of the leaves changes and everywhere throughout the deciduous trees are discovered.

As this downpours are particularly valuable for the agriculturists. However, it additionally has numerous damages. For instance, if there is over downpours for commonly, it can likewise demolish the harvests of the ranchers as there ought to be a satisfactory downpour for the development of yields. Furthermore, in light of the substantial downpours, it can prompt a surge, and it can cause a catastrophic event also, and it prompts hurting the life of the general population.

For now, there is a colossal cleaning up to be done with leaves flying around all over the place, the wind blowing them into heaps next to the wall, the door and on the windshield of the cars.

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