Short Essay on My Favourite Sport – Badminton

I love every sport. Every sport is fun to watch and play. Sports brings about competition and I love to compete with myself and with others. Sports also makes me realize my character. How can I handle the pressure, the heat? It takes me towards self-realization. But, above all sports comes my favourite sports – Badminton.

I love the temperament needed for playing Badminton. You have to stop the shuttle from falling down. You have to keep the shuttle in the play. It is a test of patience. For how long can you see the shuttle? For how long can you focus and curb it from falling. It really challenges me.

I have to focus on every move of my opponent. I have to see where my opponent is placing the shuttle. I have to calculate the speed and swing of the bat. It gets really critical. The shuttle can fall to any place. Maybe on my left. Maybe right. It keeps me guessing all the time. Every moment, I have to improvise. There is no chance of anything predetermined. Everything has to be done on the spot. Then, after successfully reaching for the shot, and curbing the shuttle from falling, comes the tough part. Making a power shot. The power and placement should be perfect in order to confuse the opponent as to where the shuttle will pitch. I have to anticipate the position of my opponent and then decide what is the farthest place from the opponent I can pitch the shuttle at. The main point is, these things have to happen in a very short period of time. After these things are successfully done, the hands come into play. The shot should be powerful and for that, I have to generate great power in my hands. And after that, it is all luck.

Badminton is really a very thrilling and critical sport. There is only you on the pitch alone. There is no team to discuss tactics with. You have to perform alone and at the right time. You have improvised things at the slightest of the seconds. This is why I love the sport of Badminton.

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