Short Essay on Labour Day

Labour Day (called Labor Day in US) is actually celebrated for the achievements of the labourers or workers.

Labour Day is also known as International Workers’ Day in some countries. Such countries, including India,  celebrate this day on May 1st. That’s why Labour Day is also sometimes termed as May Day or Workers’ Day.

Labour Day is largely celebrated on 1st day of May because the Labour Union and the American Federation of Organized Trades demanded 8 hour working period on this day in 1884, and the demand came to force on 1st May, 1886.

On 1st May, 1923, Labour Kisan Party of Hindustan in Chennai (Madras) celebrated the first Labour Day in India. Labour Day is a holiday and is celebrates across various states in India including Assam, Bihar, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, etc. In most of the countries,

Labour Day is observed on different dates in other countries having their own significance. Like in Canada and United Sates, Labor Day is celebrated on first Monday that comes in September month which signifies the Official end of the Summer holidays and schools and colleges will be re-open from that week or the very next week.

Labour Day is an annual holiday which originates from Labour Union Movement, also known as Eight-Hour Day Movement. In United States, Labor Day came into force from the efforts of American Labor Movement. Labor Day was popularized by the Knights of Labor and the Central Labor Union, and organized their first parade of Labor Day in New York City.

All over the world, people celebrate the Labour Day in their own ways.

  • Some visit resorts or some plan holiday trip with their family.
  • Chinese celebrate the Labour Day as a Golden Week as it marked by the beginning of the seven days long holiday.
  • Italians celebrate the Labour Day by organizing a huge music concert, which is held in Rome.
  • In India Labour day is a holiday, and most factories and offices remain closed in honor of Labourers and workers.
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