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Short Essay on Cricket

Cricket is the favorite sport for 90% of the Indians and some of them even treat cricket as their life. It is now one of the most watched and one of the most played games around the world.

History of cricket

Cricket is believed to have its origin in the medieval times in England. As a children’s game, it is recorded since the 1500s. From then on it has seen evolution and development till the formation of the Hambledon’s club and Marylebone Cricket Club in the 1760s and 1770s. The latter, popularly known as MCC soon became the premier club, setting rules. As the rules were more and more refined and complex, it became a complete sport and came to be known as a gentleman’s sport.

With the spread of the British Empire, cricket was taken to many parts of the world, and it came to be played internationally.

The sport

Cricket has two teams of eleven players each, A pair of wickets is set up on either side of the pitch which two batsmen from a team have to defend. The opposing team has all its players defending the field. One bowler throws the ball aimed at the wickets. The batsmen make runs, and the opposing team has to beat them by making more runs in their innings. The team that makes more runs is the winner. Each time that the wicket is broken or a batsman is gotten out as per the rules, a new batsman from the defending team comes in.

Important facts about Cricket

Here are some important facts about cricket, especially Indian Cricket:

  • Cricket is a team game in which eleven players contribute in the best way to win a match against the opposite team. A team has to score runs and then has to defend those runs against the other team and whichever succeeds, wins the game.
  • Indian team has lots of moments which are unforgettable for every Indian cricket fan, some of them are – 2007 Twenty20 ICC World Cup win, 2011 ODI World Cup win, 1983 world cup win, and Test ranking no.1.
  • Currently, cricket is one of the best professions in India because one does not only get to live his passion, but he also gets a lot of money with it as all thanks to IPL.


Many books have been written on cricket or with cricket as the background, the most popular being the Psmith series by P. G. Wodehouse. Films on cricket are also popular especially in India, recently a biopic on Sachin Tendulkar, one of the most important icons.

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