Sample Essay on “I Believe”

I believe’ are two very important words as it is said that a person is what he believes. “I believe” is a potent remedy for many psychological hurdles to be overcome. Belief is a state in which a person thinks that something is true, although there is no evidence for it. The beliefs are primarily dealt with by philosophers.

Beliefs can be justified or not.

In what we believe?

Faith in something is the most powerful emotion that a person may have. It is believed that there is a theory of the so-called power of belief, which says that if we believe in something strong enough, then it will be accomplished.

Beliefs stimulate action. If we believe in the cause, we will fight for it. If we believe in people, we will support them.

Aspects of belief

Beliefs can be optimistic or pessimistic. What are the beliefs of one person depends on themselves, or her/his personality? Optimistic beliefs are the ones that stimulate positive emotions and positive view of life, while pessimistic beliefs hinder us. Basically, no matter what belief the person has, they undoubtedly have a great impact on its life.

Common Uses of I believe


Since songs are a very common media for entertainment and to spread a message, there have been innumerable songs titled ‘I believe,’ the most popular among them from an album by the Creed and others.


Many spiritual healer and self-help proponents swear by the power of affirmations starting with ‘I believe….’ The reason given behind this that the subconscious mind listens to the uttered word and when added to the phrase ‘I believe…’ So if a person is low on confidence and is asked to affirm ‘I believe I am confident’ his subconscious alters the personality to exude confidence.
A mother saying words of encouragement to her child such as ‘I believe you are a wonderful person’ or something similar is expected to have a powerful influence on the child’s self-esteem. So also the words that are said by a teacher to a student can have a positive impact.


On the contrary, when negative words are attached to the phrase ‘I believe…’ they can have devastating effects.


What one believes in can have a significant influence on a person’s life. So, one must choose to believe in goodness.

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