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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Safemoon (SFM) Struggles Catching Up With Bitgert (BRISE) Growth- Read More



Key Points:

  • Safemoon is still struggling with roadmap V1 delivery
  • Bitgert has launched its USDT bridge
  • More disruptive products in Bitgert roadmap V2

For the whole of this year, Safemoon has been trailing Bitgert (BRISE) in terms of development. The Bitgert team has delivered so much this year, and for a short period it has been around. Note that Bitgert launched 5 months after Safemoon, and from the first 4 months, Safemoon was the biggest competitor.

However, Bitgert would start developing products and projects for its ecosystem faster than Safemoon. Both Bitgert and Safemoon had almost the same products in their roadmap V1. Four months into the market, Bitgert overtook Safemoon in delivering projects and products. By the end of 2021, Bitgert was already several steps ahead of the Safemoon on developments.

But the launch of the Bitgert BRC20 chain in Q1 2022 that would make Bitgert leave Bitgert many miles behind. Building and launching its own blockchain made Brise the most superior blockchain project to Safemoon. From then, Bitgert would hit a new ATH in early March at a time when Safemoon was plummeting.

Safemoon has been unable to compete with Bitgert in delivering the project. In fact, Bitgert has already delivered the roadmap V1, while Safemoon is still struggling with the roadmap V1. Safemoon has only delivered the wallet and the popular Safemoon V2 as the major products in the roadmap. The Safemoon exchange and the hardware wallet are yet to be launched, and their development has not been mentioned by the Safemoon team.

Bitgert is already in the process of delivering the roadmap V2. The Bitgert CEX might be the first product that Bitgert is launching from this project. The Centcex team has also started the development of the Bitgert Paybrise and might launch it soon. Other products coming on the Bitgert chain are the widely anticipated Brise CEX and the NFT marketplace.

Bitgert recently launched the USDT and USDC tokens on the Bitgert chain through its stable coin bridge. The stable tokens are expected to increase the utility if the chain also increases the number of uses.

With all these Bitgert developments coming up, Safemoon will continue to struggle to catch up. According to crypto experts, it will be very difficult for the Safemoon project to come close to Bitgert in terms of development. That’s why more Safemoon investors are buying Bitgert today.

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