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Safemoon $SFM and Bitgert $BRISE Trending Top in USA – Bitmart Research



Key Highlights:

  • Bitgert is quickly becoming the most popular coin in the industry
  • Bitgert USDT bridge has increased the hype around the coin
  • Safemoon recent developments are creating attention

The Bitmart Research team released some data yesterday showing the list of top trending cryptocurrencies in the USA. Safemoon (SFM) and Bitgert (BRISE) came first and third, respectively. This is good news for the Safemoon and Bitgert communities.

The Bitgert team can be said to be the biggest gainer to be in the top 3 coins, as it is the youngest. The Safemoon launched five months before Bitgert and a year after the second-placed Shiba Inu. However, the ranking says much about these projects and why the crypto community is excited about them.

Bitgert, though it is younger than Safemoon, has created a massive hype in the market with its disruptive ecosystem. The team has built one of the market’s most disruptive products and projects. The Bitgert BRC20 remains one of the most attractive products.

The BRC20 chain is one of the biggest factors that made Bitgert leave Safemoon miles behind. In addition to that, the Bitgert team is also building on its zero gas fee chain to keep competition at bay. The Bitgert USDT bridge is one of the latest products that the Bitgert team has launched on the Bitgert chain.

There are more products and projects coming on the Bitgert blockchain. The Bitgert roadmap V2 is bringing some of the most disruptive products. But the bullish Bitgert price is one of the biggest reasons why Bitgert is trading in the US. Driven by these developments, Bitgert has been one of the bullish coins this year.

On the other hand, Safemoon is trending in the US because of the developments around the Safemoon project. The Safemoon team has recently made some moves that make it quite attractive. The Safemoon V2 protocol is still doing great. The adoption of the new Safemoon protocol has been good.

Safemoon is working on delivering the project, with more Safemoon products set to launch soon. There are also a lot of Safemoon holders accumulating the SFM coin. Therefore, Safemoon has a good vibe coming, although it might not outperform Bitgert. Therefore, Safemoon will still be one of the coins to watch this year if Bitmart research is anything to go by.

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