5 Effective Time Management Tips to Follow for SSC CHSL 2019

5 Effective Time Management Tips

The Combined Higher Secondary Level (CHSL) examination is conducted by the Staff Selection Commission every year to fill vacancies in various government posts and departments. This year, SSC has announced a total of 5,789 vacancies for CHSL examination. 

The Tier 1 of SSC CHSL exam is scheduled to be held from 1st July to 26th July 2019. With the examination fast approaching, students must be looking for some effective time management tips.

We have compiled a list of time management skills for helping students finish the syllabus on time. Also, we have provided a subject-specific timetable to help them perform better on the day of the examination. 

General Time Management Tips

  1. Have a specific plan in mind: To excel in SSC CHSL, you have to start your preparation early and make a timetable where the syllabus is covered in the stipulated time. Stick to this timetable and while studying, focus on the topic in hand.
  1. Memorize the pattern of the examination: Searching for the exam pattern frequently leads to wastage of time. So, we suggest that you memorize the pattern of the examination. The four subjects of the examination are General Awareness, English Language, Quantitative Aptitude, and General Intelligence. 25 questions are asked from each of these four sections. Each question carries 2 marks, and there is a negative mark of 0.5 for every incorrect response.
  1. Know your most productive hours: Some candidates prefer to study in the early hours of the morning while some like to study during late night. You need to analyze which is the most productive time for you and make your time-table accordingly.
  1. Allot proper time to each section: There are a total of 100 questions in the examination which need to be solved within 60 minutes. As there are no sectional timing in this exam, so you need to be your judge and allot a specific time duration to each section. Make sure that you stick to that schedule while appearing for the mock tests and follow the same on the exam day.
  1. Maintain your place of study: For saving time, it is essential that you stay organized. Keep your study table clean and arrange the books and study material on the table neatly. Only the relevant books should be kept near you and do not place a pile of books on the table as it will distract you and make you anxious.

In addition to the general tips mentioned above, we have also compiled a section specific time-strategy to help students manage their time in the examination. 

Specific Time Management Tips for Every Section

Before going into the detailed structure of the time management, we would like to remind you that it is just a model schedule and that candidates can make changes to it as per their requirement.

Section Name Time Allocation
General Intelligence 15 minutes
General Awareness 10 minutes
English Language 15 minutes
Quantitative Aptitude 20 minutes


  1. General Intelligence: Our experts say that you should start the paper with the section of General Intelligence as this section needs the most concentration and if solved correctly, can easily fetch you a score of more than 46+ out of 50. This entire section can be easily solved in 20 minutes. Start with the questions on matrix, alphanumeric series, blood relations, syllogism questions, alphabet series, figure based questions such as complete the pattern, mirror image, and water image, paper folding, and direction sense as these can easily be solved. After that, move on to the complex questions such as statement and assumption, statement and conclusion, seating arrangement, and coding-decoding.
  1. General Awareness: This section depends on your preparation, and if you are thoroughly prepared, you can quickly solve this section within 10 minutes as each question requires not more than 20 seconds. You are not required to solve anything in this section – you either know the answer or you don’t. General Awareness is considered the most scoring part of SSC CHSL, and for getting a good score in this section, you need to keep yourself updated with the current affairs daily. Read newspapers and rigorously follow any two magazines based on competitive exams. Focus on the areas of polity, economics, and general science, if you want to score more.
  1. English Language: The level of English in SSC CHSL exam is moderate, and hence this section can be easily attempted in 15 minutes. Start with the questions of cloze test, fill in the blanks, error detection, voice change, and narration and then move on to the questions of reading comprehension and parajumbles as these questions are a little tough and require more time.
  1. Quantitative Aptitude: As this section is calculative, so it requires more time than other sections. Hence, you need to save time in the other sections so that you can devote more time in this section and therefore, we advise you to attempt this section at the end. Though you can use shortcuts, in the end only continuous practice will ensure that your speed of solving the questions gets enhanced and you are able to score more in this section. Start with the questions of number series, simplification, and algebra as these are the easiest ones. Next, you should attempt the question set of data interpretation asked either from the pie chart, bar graph, table or caselet. After that, move on to difficult questions such as statistics and probability, permutation and combination, mensuration, and trigonometry.

By using these tips during your preparation as well as while solving mock tests, you can get a better result. We hope that these effective time management tips help you in increasing your productivity on the day of the examination.

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