Robots: Short Essay on Robots

Robots – Short Essay 1

Robots can be defined as machines that have human-like tendencies and capabilities. They can perform tasks according to their programming. For the past decade or so, robots have demonstrated immense significance by decreasing the workload of humans, especially in the industry sector.

Typically, robots are put into use in the manufacturing industry. Laborers usually find these jobs monotonous and repetitive. When people perform a specific role for a long time, it is natural for them to get bored of what they have been doing and want an out or complete the task unwillingly.

This will also reduce the effectiveness of such people as compared to when they began working. As a result, they end up feeling burned out without any eagerness or enthusiasm to continue the work. That is precisely where robots come in the picture to make the lives of humans easier than ever.

Uses of Robots

Even though in popular fiction a robot resembles a humanoid, in reality, they may have different shapes depending on their function and utility. They can undertake many types of tasks, from cooking and cleaning to heavier ones like assembling large machinery. The development of modern industrialization is dependent on the development of robotics.

In the modern world one can find robots anywhere, even in daily life:

  • Robot vacuum cleaner: With a few instructions, the vacuum cleaner can clean the entire floor surface with no human intervention.
  • Robot lawn mower: Again the owner can set a few instructions, and the entire lawn will be mowed while the owner can tend to other tasks.
  • Drones: They are being developed as a surveillance device or for delivery of small items such as pizzas, etc.
  • In factories, robots are used to set up assembly lines to minimize human labor.
  • A lot of computer programs use robots to hack into other peoples’ computers or software.


Using robots cuts down on a lot of human effort, yet its scope is limited and needs some supervision by human intelligence. Industries have reaped a lot of benefits from the applications of robots in the past few decades. Their utilization has also led to a massive increase in the company’s productivity and profits. Robotics mixed with artificial intelligence has made it easy for humans to perform complicated or tedious tasks and this technology is only expected to grow in the future.

Robots – Short Essay 2

Robots are generally machines controlled by a PC program or electronic hardware. People might straightforwardly control them. They might be intended to look like people, in which case their conduct may recommend insight or thought. Most robots complete an explicit activity, and they don’t generally look like people.

A robot is a machine, an automaton which can carry out a variety of tasks to replace human effort.

Robots are present around us, and they don’t look like the humanoid robots as are made popular in movies and literature.

Various Uses of a Robot

  • Daily life: At home, robots are commonly used for vacuum cleaning. It’s a small machine which can clean the floor by itself and can do it even in the absence of a human being. Similarly, a robotic lawnmower will mow the grass while the owner tends to other chores.
  • Security: Drones set up to hover on top of buildings can prove to be an effective security and surveillance equipment. This is also seen as a threat to privacy.
  • Factories: Factories use robots to assemble products on assembly lines. This is efficient since most of the assembly work is mechanical and repetitive, and can save human time and energy.
  • Medicine: Robots are used to assist in surgeries to improve precision.

Benefits of Robots

  • The robots can go far down into the obscure spots where the people would be squashed.
  • The robots can play out the assignments quicker than the people and substantially more reliably and precisely.
  • The majority of robots are programmed in such a way that they can move with no human impedance.
  • You can utilize the robots to create the items in the manufacturing plants, for example, collecting the autos.
  • The robots can be modified to achieve the Earth’s nadirs, for example, to borrow for the fuels.


Robots have made life easier and more efficient, but we need to keep in mind that they cannot replace human intelligence, yet. Robots can’t think or decide, they are just apparatuses to enable us to complete things. Robots are machines with programmed developments that enable them to move in specific ways or groupings. Humanmade reasoning has given robots greater capacity to process data and to learn. However, they are yet restricted by the data that they are given and the abilities they are assigned to perform.

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