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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Richard Hammond Laps BMW M5 Touring While Racing Pro Golfer

Richard Hammond has participated in all kinds of races during his time co-hosting Top Gear and The Grand Tour but this particular race organized by Drive Tribe is quite interesting.

In one corner is Hammond, behind the wheel of a BMW M5 Touring, while in the other corner is Rick Shiels, the golfer with the most subscribers on YouTube. The connection between the car and golf is questionable at best but it was rocking a set of Bridgestone Potenza Sport tires while Shiels was playing with Bridgestone golf balls.

The race is quite simple. Hammond was tasked with completing two laps of the Aintree racing circuit while Shields played a single hole on the golf course located right in the center of the ex-Formula 1 circuit.

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Golf is a famously slow game so as soon as Shiels hit his tee shot, he had to sprint off after it while Hammond launched the M5 Touring off the line and started his first lap. Impressively, Hammond manages to complete his first lap before Shiels reaches the ball for his second shot.

Shiels’ second shot didn’t go as well as his first one but after making a quick recovery with his third shot, he chipped it onto the green and proceeded to sink it with just two putts. Hammond then crossed the finish line mere moments later.

Now, if we had a choice of either driving a BMW M5 Touring around a racetrack or playing a game of golf, we’d definitely go with the former. After all, the car’s 5.0-liter naturally aspirated V10 remains one of BMW’s finest-ever powertrains and produces a supercar-like howl that you would never expect from an estate car.


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