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Read Why Bitgert Might Grow Your Holding 10x Bigger than Shiba Inu – 4 Reasons

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Key Points

  • Fast Bitgert ecosystem growth has Brise price faster than Shiba Inu
  • The Bitgert BRC20 Chain with zero gas fee and supersonic transaction speed
  • Bitgert Utility expansion keeps boosting Bitgert price than Shiba Inu
  • 1000+ Upcoming projects on Bitgert to skyrocket BRISE price even more

Bitgert has consistently posted an upward growth trend since launch to date, and this is expected to remain going forward. The current predictions indicate that Bitgert holdings might explode by 10x more than Shiba Inu this month. Bitgert is expected to grow from the current $0.0000003911 to $0.000001.

Shiba Inu may remain at a staggering price of between $0.00001197 and $0.00002394 if the market remains bearish. Here are the core reasons behind the impressive performance of Bitgert (BRISE) over Shiba Inu:

Fast Ecosystem Growth than Shiba Inu

A lot has been done to ensure that Bitgert ecosystem growth is at high speed than some competitors, such as Shiba Inu. Currently, the Bitgert ecosystem has numerous products, with more expected to surface soon. Completing the roadmap V1 delivery and the entry to Brise Roadmap V2 delivery has been integral in growing Bitgert price.

BRC20 Bitgert Blockchain

Bitgert became one of the youngest altcoins to establish its own Blockchain just a few months after launch. The Blockchain directly impacts the price and demand for Bitgert. BRC20 has zero gas fees and an exponential transaction speed of 100K TPS, which has made it very popular. With the rise in the number of Brise chain users, a massive price rise is expected. This means Bitgert holders earn more profits than Shiba Inu.

Bitgert Utility Expansion

The Bitgert utility is growing fast, which is another reason why Bitgert price is skyrocketing. The USDT/USDC bridge is growing Bitgert utility by enabling these stablecoins to swap from other BRC20-supported chains to Bitgert. $USDT and $USDC holders can now swap their stablecoin into Bitgert through the bridge. Not to mention, the launch of the top5 altcoin bridge is set to skyrocket the BRISE price.

1000+ Upcoming Projects

The Start-up Studio program is expected to add over 1000 projects to the Bitgert chain, which will grow Bitgert coin demand. More Shiba Inu users will likely join BRISE in order to utilize the projects, hence the BRISE price will increase.

The Centcex-Bitgert collaboration has also played a significant role in growing the Bitgert ecosystem by releasing more new products than Shiba Inu. Centcex is, therefore, a major factor behind the 10x Bitgert price growth over Shiba Inu.

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