Rajasthan Emerges As The Most Loved Road Trip Destination Of Indian Travellers

With the state borders opening up, travellers seem to be back on the road. Jaipur and Goa have emerged as the most favoured leisure destinations in India as several states have eased COVID-19 restrictions to revive the tourism and hospitality sector, as per a report. Apart from Gia and Jaipur, Manali, Ooty, and Mysore are the top booked destinations among domestic travellers, according to OYO’s Unlocking Travel Report 2021.

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Rajasthan Is The Most-Loved Road Trip Destination In India

Rajasthan has emerged as ‘Favourite Indian State for Road Trip’ by Condé Nast Traveler. Apart from road trips, the state has also been declared runner-up in the ‘Favourite Leisure Destination in India’ category.

Delhi Has The Highest Travel Aspirants

OYO’s booking trends also reveals that the popular destinations saw demands from the people of Delhi, making it the city with the highest aspirants to travel again. According to the survey, safety emerged as the top priority for guests and 56% of travellers preferred to travel by private vehicles to nearby locations with their family and friends. Travellers are also now more likely to plan vacations between 1 to 3 days.

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Travellers From Mumbai & Pune Are Heading To Goa

The survey also found that Delhiites took interstate road trips to tourist hotspots with Agra and Jaipur topping the chart. Travellers from Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore preferred to spend long weekends along the beaches of Goa. Kochi also emerged as a popular destination for the people of Bengaluru and Kozhikode. Apart from them, Lucknow, Jaipur and Vishakhapatnam also saw a lot of demand. These 6 Hotel Bathrooms In Goa That Will Have You Spending Vacation In The Tub

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Roadtrips And Staycations Become Popular

From these trends, we can conclude that the tourism industry is reviving faster than we expected. With safety being the first priority, travellers are now looking to explore exciting local hidden gems. And while air travel has taken a backseat, road trips and staycations are finding a lot of popularity. The demand for leisure travel shows that people are ready to move beyond the challenges brought in by the pandemic. This Fairy Tale Getaway Just Few Hours From Bangalore Will Remind You Of Colmar In France

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Consumers are continuously looking for trusted, sanitised and clean stays. In comparison, 80% of users lookup for sanitised properties, 46% of them seek regulation related information.

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