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Pilot Dies After Paraglider Crash In Dubai: Is Paragliding Completely Safe?

The sensation of paragliding over the mountains is quite exciting. However, there have been numerous accidents at paragliding sites during the past few years. On Sunday, a South African pilot lost his life in a beginner glider crash at the Skydive Club in Marghem, Dubai. According to the civil aviation authority, the incident occurred in Marghem near the Skydive Club area.

GCAA Is Investigating The Case

The General Civil Aviation Authority has commenced investigations of the glider’s case. A paramotor engine propelled him at the time of the accident.
The GCAA sent the deceased’s family its heartfelt sympathies. A paramotor’s engine and parachute work together to propel the vehicle into the air.

There are two skydiving schools in Dubai, the more well-known of which is near Dubai Marina and offers parachute jumps over Palm Jumeirah.


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Is Paragliding Safe To Experience

Every adventure comes with a hint of risk. That is the whole motive to experience such things. Almost all operators who offer such adventure-related services always ensure you sign a NOC letter before indulging in the activity. Such accidents are cases of the wrong place at the wrong time. When we talk about paragliding, there is a risk of fatal accidents. Apart from the service providers’ views of security, the glider needs to own proper information before taking the flight to avoid such circumstances.

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Modern paragliders are all extremely stable. If the glider collapses, they are made to recover swiftly. There is, therefore, little chance of a disaster caused by equipment failure if you use new paragliding equipment and inspect it before each flight. Almost all accidents result from errors made by the pilot, either during flying or when determining the weather for a flight.

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