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Ola S1 Pro owner sets his electric scooter on fire: Watch video

An Ola S1 Pro customer in Tamil Nadu poured petrol on his e-scooter and burned it. According Sun News, the said owner of Ola electric scooter, Dr. Prithviraj was unhappy with the performance as well as range.

Dr. Prithviraj got delivery about 3 months ago and was facing issues from the start. As per report, he also informed about the same multiple times. Ola support did take a look at the scooter, and found no issues. The owner claims that his scooter ran out of range after running for just 44 kilometres, even on a full charge, forcing the customer to take the extreme step.

“Waited a long time. Frustrated with your service. Now it’s show time. Thank you,” he wrote on Twitter, sharing a picture of the Ola scooter going up in flames.

Recently, a Maharashtra man tied his two-wheeler to a donkey and parade it around town with banners urging people not to trust the manufacturer.

Gitte, a trader from Parli in Maharashtra, booked the scooter in September 2021 and received it on March 24, Just a week later, the Ola scooter stopped working. Gitte reached out to the company but his electric scooter was not fixed even after being checked by an Ola mechanic.

An Ola S1 Pro owner also alleged that the scooter malfunctioned and accelerated instead of decelerating, leading to an accident.

Ola Electric decided to conduct a voluntary recall of 1,441 units

Ola Electric has decided to conduct a voluntary recall of 1,441 units of its electric scooter Ola S1 Pro. This move comes days after Union Minister Nitin Gadkari warned EV companies about the fire. One Ola Electric scooter Ola S1 Pro caught fire on March 26 in Pune. The recall will be of the same batch of scooters that were manufactured with the one that caught fire.

Ola Electric confirmed that the voluntary recall was more of a cautionary exercise. A statement from the company said, “As a pre-emptive measure, we will be conducting a detailed diagnostic and health check of the scooters in that specific batch and therefore are issuing a voluntary recall of 1,441 vehicles.”

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