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Ola Electric responds to accident where front wheel breaks off from the scooter

Ola Electric has responded to the allegations about the recent incident where an Ola S1 Pro scooter front forks broke away completely. The image of the broken Ola S1 has gone viral on the micro-blogging platform, Twitter. The owner of the scooter claimed that the vehicle was not even running at high speed when this happened.

Ola Electric can come forward with a response to this incident. The company claimed that the accidents that involved the breakage of the front forks happened due to isolated high-impact accidents. The company does not provide any details about its investigations in this case. However, it did make a definitive statement for a recurring flaw being reported on various scooters.

In the statement, the company said, “Vehicle safety & quality standards are of paramount importance at Ola. Ola today has more than 50,000 scooters on the road. So far, our scooters have travelled over ~45 million cumulative km on Indian roads. The recently reported incidents of front fork breakage are due to isolated high impact accidents. All our scooters undergo rigorous quality and performance assessment across different terrains and riding conditions in India.”

The post was received with mixed reactions on Twitter. Many Ola S1 buyers have also been reporting inconsistencies with their products since the first scooters were delivered. On the contrary, many new owners are also very happy with their purchase.

This is not the first time Ola Electric is contesting a customer’s claim directly. In the month of April, a user’s father reported that his son who was riding the scooter met with a severe accident resulting in injuries. He claimed that the scooter suddenly moved into reverse gear. This resulted in the rider losing control. Ola Electric revealed some driver statistics to prove that the rider was exceeding speed limits.

Despite numerous comments applauding the company’s moves, these recent incidents have tainted the company’s image. Additionally, a string of EV fire accidents (including one Ola S1)  have also robbed confidence from some buyers in the EV segment.

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