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Nissan Issues Stop Sale On Automatic Transmission 2023 Z Due To Roll Away Risk

Nissan has issued a stop sale on MY2023 Z models with the automatic transmission due to a roll away risk when the vehicle is in “Park.”

As of August 29, all examples shipping from Nissan‘s Tochigi Plant in Japan are being held at all stages of delivery, reports Autoblog. Jonathan Buhler, a spokesperson for the company, told the outlet that Nissan is in the midst of investigating this issue.

“Nissan initiated a quality hold on MY2023 Nissan Z automatic-transmission-equipped vehicles on August 29, 2022 while it investigates this issue. The investigation is ongoing at this time,” said Buhler, adding that this action constitutes “[…] a stop sale for any AT model whether it is on a showroom floor or in any other stage.”

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The issue is a familiar one for the Japanese automaker, which has had to conduct two similar recalls on the 2020-2022 Frontier and Titan pickup trucks. Both vehicles are equipped with the same nine-speed automatic transmission as the 2023 Nissan Z.

As a result of those actions, Nissan was forced to recall around 200,000 vehicles because of variations in the dimensions of certain parts during the manufacturing process that could result in “Park” not properly engaging.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, “resistance between the parking rod and wedge inside of the transmission housing may inhibit movement of the wedge and parking pawl.”

Unfortunately for buyers of all three vehicles, Nissan is still in the process of developing a remedy for this problem and working out how it might affect other Nissan and Infiniti models. For now, the automaker recommends that drivers apply the parking brake every time they get out of their vehicle.

In NHTSA documents, Nissan said it would contact owners of the Frontier starting on November 1, 2022 with a fix for this issue.

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