New Nissan Z Boosted To An Impressive 600 WHP By Z1 Motorsports


Given its relatively affordable pricing, the Nissan Z series has always been a staple of the tuning community, and that hasn’t changed with the newest generation model. But of all the custom Zs starting to enter the scene, few are as impressive as what Z1 Motorsports was able to do to the car.

Essentially a test bed for everything aftermarket that could be done to a Z, the sports coupe boasts modifications such as a carbon fiber intake, a new fuel pump, a cat-back exhaust, and new turbochargers with all the necessary supporting upgrades. All in, this allows the 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 to make 600 hp (608 PS / 447 kW) at the wheels, which is even more impressive considering that’s with a stock block and stock internals. That’s compared to 400 hp on the crank in factory form.

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Another item in the engine bay, though not related to power delivery, is Z1’s strut brace, which can be had in either aluminum or carbon fiber. Combined with their in-house coilovers, suspension arms, brakes, and wheels, it improves cornering ability while still remaining composed in everyday driving. The car also features upgrades to the drivetrain, such as a performance clutch, a short-throw shifter, and a Nismo differential.

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The company is also thinking of offering all the upgrades as a comprehensive package. Those who want to can take their stock Z to Z1 Motorsports, where they would outfit it with all the suspension, braking, and powertrain modifications. They’re calling it the 600R as an homage to Nissan‘s legendary R33 GT-R 400R, with the 600 coming from its power output. Each one would theoretically come with its own serialized plate, which would allow owners to authenticate their vehicle as a true 600R.