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My Favorite Season (Spring) – Short Essay

I love the spring season. My favorite season is Spring. The aura of nature turns so so tranquil and serene when spring comes.

Spring is truly the season of nature. It is all nature in spring. It feels like, it is the wedding season for nature. Nature dresses like a wedding bride this season.

With jewelry of foliage and garlands of flowers, the nature looks very beautiful and fresh just like a to-be bride. Everything turns so colorful and exuberant. It is the season when nature really shows its worth. Nature is present not only to provide us with oxygen and shadow us in the bowers when there is heat, but it is also present to allure us with its aesthetic features and tranquil beauty as well. In this season, nature reminds us how natural things look so beautiful rather than those which are rendered to look beautiful. It teaches us to be natural and normal. Without any external adornment, real beauty comes out. That is the beauty which is admirable and a gift to you, given by God? There is no value of the beauty which is rendered and worked upon. This beauty is like a paper rose. It looks like a rose but, there is no aroma. The season of spring teaches us to be very natural and that being natural is the real beauty which people admire. In the spring season, the trees are covered with foliage and it becomes a treat for animals and birds living on the trees. This teaches us that, whenever we are blooming, whenever we are at our very best, whenever we have resources, we should help others. We should share our resources with them, instead of cherishing them alone.

In the season of spring, the trees bear fruits. Likewise, when I see these fraught with fruits trees, I start bearing fruitful thoughts in my mind. Seeing these scenic views help me freshen up my thoughts and make them very pure and green. It helps me cope with all the negative and pessimistic thoughts I have been bored by the summers of criticism. And, I start bearing fresh and positive thoughts.

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