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My Classroom – Short Essay

I study in a big convent school. I am a student of class six. My classroom is my second home. I spend more than half of my day in it. It is a large room with seats for forty students. We each share long wooden desks and benches.

The floor is covered in white tiles and our walls are also white. My classroom is well lit. We have two rectangular glass windows from which we get sunlight. Sometimes when the weather is nice the teachers open one side of the window panels. The window overlooks the sports ground which is surrounded by grass. It feels refreshing to look at it. There is also an air conditioner inside that runs on moderate temperature. But my classroom isn’t boring at all.

We have utilized our walls rather nicely. One wall has a storage unit for all our bags and lunches. It is marked with our roll numbers so none of us get confused about our things. We also have a bookshelf. It contains books stocked from the school library for our reading class. It also has shelves dedicated to our copies and assignments which are collected by teachers for checking. We also have a wall covered with a notice board. Our outstanding result performances, poster charts, cards, and 6 monthly attendance sheets along with our timetable is pinned on it with tacks. The board’s edges are decorated with flowers and leaves that we made in our art class.

Another wall is covered with motivational posters. Quotes to inspire us to do better. There is also a chart with math tables, table for chemical elements and grammar rules. This was put up for constant revision to help us memorize and apply them. It is usually hidden during exam season though.

In the front center of the classroom, a big desk and chair are placed for teachers to sit at during our class. Behind it is a huge blackboard that covers one-third of the wall. We also have a medium sized whiteboard next to it, but teachers mostly use the blackboard. I like my classroom. It has a personality of its own. It feels like a part of all students.

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