Money: Short Essay on Value of Money

Value of Money

The Value of Money has always played a key role in the human world. Money has changed it faces, changed its shape and size, changed its colour and usage, but the Value and Central Role of Money has always stayed the same.

Money is the means or the currency used for exchange of goods, or for the purpose of business or for the purpose of trade and commerce or for the purpose of valuing a particular goods or service. All these exchanges and valuations are central to our everyday existence and hence the Value of Money is also central to our everyday existence.

Applications of the Value of Money in daily life: We receive Money or earn Money by engaging in a particular profession, career or business. We get paid for the work that we do. This can be physical or intellectual work. The Value of our Work is evaluated by the Value of the Money that we receive for it. We spend this money to buy Services and Goods that we need for our daily life. These include a house, a car, clothes, food, drinks, water, electricity, household goods, household electronics like TV, Refrigerator, etc. These also include services like food delivery, barber shop, legal services, medical consultation, etc. All of these we buy with the Value of the Money we have. All of these have a Value tag attached to them, and if we have that Money we can buy them, otherwise not. So what we can afford and how we live our daily life directly depends on the Value of the Money we have. To increase the level of our lifestyle we need to increase the Value of the Money we possess. The entire human race spends most of its lifespan on increasing and accumulating more Money so that the Value it can add to one’s life increases.

Dimensions of the Value of Money: There are Material, Emotional and Spiritual dimensions to the real Value of Money in our lives. The material dimension determines how many material possessions we can have. The emotional dimension determines the dreams we associate with our Money. The Spiritual dimension determines the satisfaction we derive from our Money.

Conclusion: Follow the material Value of Money so that you can earn a successful life, but also realise its deeper Value so that it can give you inner satisfaction.

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