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Metro Train: Short Essay on Benefits of Metro Train

Metro Train

Metro trains are becoming a popular mode of travel in the recent times. It is a pro-development initiative since it aims at making transport easily available to the masses. Availability of such transport systems cut down on the burden of the road traffic by reducing the density of traffic.

Benefits of the Metro Train: The benefits of the Metro train include the following:

  1. Metro trains run for the benefit of the masses. Thus a large number of people can be transported between destinations at the same time at a considerable speed.
  2. Traffic jams and delays caused by the vehicles on the road, particularly the private ones like cars and two-wheelers can be cut down if a large part of the travelling population can be persuaded to shift to the metro trains.
  3. Metro trains, unlike other modes such as local trains or trams have a better quality of ambiance, comfort and cleanliness making it more appealing to the people who want to avoid public transport because of it being shabby, uncomfortable and overcrowded.
  4. The cost of metro train tickets is sufficiently high to keep up its quality maintained. At the same time, it isn’t affordable to all and sundry thus making the usage selective and thus avoiding crowds.
  5. Since the lines used for conveying these trains are dedicated and separate from regular vehicular traffic, the trains can run uninterrupted at sufficient speed motivating more people to its use.
  6. The metro lines are generally constructed on raised platforms. This does not take away land from the regular traffic and makes good use of the aerial space.
  7. Metro trains are specially designed trains to run at higher speeds and are essentially costly. For people who value speed and time over cost, this is a good alternative because in the modern cities, travelling in the comfort of your own vehicle can be terribly annoying and time consuming, given the traffic jams.
  8. Metro points are easy to add on a ready and plying line. Since the connectivity between stations and points in cities grows with time with a little effort, making it available for more and more people.

Metro trains are an answer for many traffic and transportation problems in plenty of big cities. It is also an answer to the pollution problems.

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