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Meet Rajani Pandit, The First Indian Female Detective Who Has Solved More Than 80,000 Cases

rajani pandit detective

We live in a society where gender stereotyping is an age-old issue. A job like being a “detective” might be considered by most to be a job of a man. However, breaking these shackles of preconceived notions we have the Lady James Bond of India. While it may be hard to believe that our country has a lady James Bond by the name of Rajani Pandit but it indeed is true. The life of a detective is full of adventures, patience, as well as smart thinking.

Having all these characteristics within herself is our lady Sherlock, who has solved over 80,000 crime mysteries in over 22 years of her career.

The curiosity to know who she is must have arisen to another level right? Well, not taking more of your time we are here to talk about India’s very own lady detective, Rajani Pandit.

Rajani Pandit, our very own ‘Lady James Bond’, the first Indian female detective

Hailing from Maharashtra, Rajani Pandit was born in 1962. She belongs to a middle-class family in Palghar, in the district of Thane. Since childhood, she has had a love for reading mystery books and spy novels. Her father, Mr. Shantaram Pandit, worked at the police department in Palghar. Therefore, it is safe to say that it could have been a factor that encouraged her to pursue the career path she chose.

Rajani always had an interest in spy work however it was in college that she actually got serious about detective work. While studying Marathi literature at the Ruparel College in Mumbai she took up a case. This was the case that helped her carve the path to her career.

Rajani Pandit – India’s First Female Detective

A case from her college helped Rajani realize her potential

During her college days, Rajani stumbled upon a case. One of her classmates was involved in prostitution. She soon realized that her classmate was being preyed on and taken advantage of. Out of concern, she reached to the parents of her classmate. They did not believe in her at first. However, just simply telling did not do anything. As a result, she went ahead and got photographic evidence, enabling her classmates’ father to take necessary action.

According to Pandit, it was this case that made her realize her potential. Her classmate’s family was grateful for her help and suggested she become a full-time detective. As she did more research about being a detective she realized that no big qualification is required to become one. All you need is hard work, concentration, and that zeal to work. All these realizations prompted her to open her own agency.


‘Rajani Pandit Detective Services’, Rajani’s very own detective agency made in 1991

After completing her education Rajani announced her decision of becoming a private investigator. At first, her father was a bit skeptical about her career choice but he soon joined in to support his daughter. She always had her mother’s support. This finally made her open her very own agency in the year 1991.

At the mere age of 25, she started her company and named it Rajani Pandit Detective Services at Mahim. By doing so she challenged all the preconceived notions regarding women and the jobs she could do. In the initial days, she had to struggle a lot. So much so that she could not even get ad space in a newspaper. However, she did not give up. 20 years later, her agency had 30 detectives and easily about 20 cases each month.

Although what is worth noting is that before opening her own agency Rajani did a short-lived job as an office clerk. In the office, one of her colleagues needed her aid in a case concerning the theft of money. She solved the case with utter brilliance. That was her first-ever paid job.

Rajani-Pandit-female-detective india

To solve crimes, Rajani disguised herself in plenty of different roles

Back in 1998, in an interview, she shared that

“Fear was not a word in her dictionary”

Therefore, with zero fear, our very own Indian female detective used to play different roles in order to solve crimes. Rajani solved many mysteries by disguising herself as a maidservant, a blind woman, a pregnant woman, a street vendor, and whatnot.

Rajani has had quite an exciting experience as a detective. She talks about how some cases came out to be a lot more difficult than others. She revealed one of her toughest cases where she did undercover work as a maid in a woman’s home who was suspected to have murdered her husband and son. It was tough however she managed to solve it. Rajani shared,

“One day, the hitman who she (the suspected woman) hired, came to pay her a visit. That’s when I knew it was my chance. So I cut my foot with a knife and told them that I had to go out to get bandaged. I ran out, went to an STD booth, and called the client to come home with the police. They were both arrested that day!”

Rajani-Pandit-indian lady sherlock

Detective Rajani Pandit solved over 80,000 cases without a doubt the best lady detective out there

She is so dedicated to her career that she chose not to marry and start a family. For her helping her country to solve crimes is her topmost priority.

To enlighten people about her life and detective duties she has so far written 2 books– Face Behind Face and Mayajal, both have won awards. Not just this, but as a woman achiever, she has also been honored by Doordarshan with the Hirkani award. A documentary Lady James Bond is also made showcasing her career. Furthermore, there is also a feature film on her life as an investigator.

rajnipandit lady bond

Kudos to this legend who has worked so hard to make India a better place to live. She sets a great example that a woman can do anything if she sets her eyes on it. Everyone must know about this unsung hero who proved that

a detective is born not made!” 

and we cannot agree more!

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